Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wow.  My description of the moment in my previous post was 'whirlwind'.  I'm having a tough time trying to find the right words to illustrate this past week.  Each day has presented a new, unforeseen challenge.  From overlooked immigration documents, an extra 30 lbs of donations on our doorstep, to the news that chicken pox has been making its rounds through the Layla House once again, I have felt at times as though my heart had jumped out of my body.  I am grateful that we have somehow managed to extinguish the fires with relative ease and recover our senses by the end of each day.  As our travel date draws closer, the butterflies in my stomach are still trying to migrate somewhere (I think they must be monarchs), but I have stopped obsessing over minor details and am finally concentrating on the big picture. 

This is really happening.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and generosity-we will carry all your warm wishes with us to Ethiopia.  I will probably not have the time or computer access to update you from the road but I assure you that I will be writing down our experiences and will share our day to day adventures with you soon.  Much love and peace to all.


  1. Beautiful Butterfly. I am so proud of you for pulling through with all the unforseen until the last minute. Now we can count down the hours..

  2. The day has finally arrived. It was the last thought we had before bed last night and the first one this morning. What a wonderful Blessed day, God is good and all is right with the world. We are finally going to have our long awaited and much loved grandsons here to love and spoil. May God watch over you as you travel and begin the best adventure of your life. All our love and many prayer go with you. PaPa amd MeMe

  3. I thought about you so much yesterday thinking it was the most wonderful day of your life, holding your kids. Love G

  4. Hope your trip goes well! I'm thinking of you guys!