A Little Bit About Me

The story so far...

Welcome to our family blog.  I created this blog in April of 2010 to keep friends and family updated on our exciting journey of becoming parents to our two beautiful sons from Ethiopia.  It's funny how quickly a person can forget the little things and what began as a way to keep in touch from afar has also evolved into a digital scrapbook of sorts for ourselves.  I hope that as a family we continue to sift through the archives and enjoy seeing where we were from week to week. 

Because I feel somewhat accountable to update the blog regularly to keep folks in the know, I have been much better at posting pictures and tidbits on a more regular basis than I would for a photo album (added bonus: no glue or paper scraps anywhere!).  You will find that the things I enjoy most in life spill over into my posts, particularly my family, running, reading, and adoption.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the blog.