Ethiopia Book List

This is a list of books I have compiled about Ethiopia or by authors from Ethiopia.  Feel free to send me a comment if there is a book you think should be added. 

Please note that I do not receive compensation in any form if you click on the links below.  I am somewhat lazy and don't want to type the author's name or a description.

Abyssinie Swing: A Pictorial History of Modern Ethiopian Music
A History of Ethiopia
African Ark
African Zion: The Sacred Art of Ethiopia
Africa's Great Rift Valley
Amharic Bible
Ancient Churches of Ethiopia
Arise and Go Toward the South: 2000 Years of Christianity in Ethiopia
Art of Ethiopia
Art That Heals: The Image as Medicine in Ethiopia
A Song of Longing: An Ethiopian Journey
Barefoot Runner: The Life of a Marathon Champion, Abebe Bikila
Beneath the Lion's Gaze
Birds of the Horn of Africa
Breakfast in Hell
Brother's at War: Making Sense of the Eritrean-Ethiopian War
Chameleon Days: An American Boyhood in Ethiopia
Coffee Story: Ethiopia
Crosses of Ethiopia: The Sign of Faith, Evolution and Form
Cutting for Stone
Eating the Flowers of Paradise
Empress Taytu and Menelik II
Enoch the Ethiopian
Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley
Ethiopia From the Heart
Ethiopian Amharic
Ethiopian Art: The Walters Art Museum
Ethiopian Famine
Ethiopian-inspired Cooking, Vegetarian Specialties
Ethiopian Passages: Contemporary Art from the Diaspora
Ethiopia Under Mussolini
Exotic Ethiopian Cooking
Famine and Foreigners: Ethiopia since Live Aid
Foods of Ethiopia
From Falasha to Freedom: An Ethiopian Jew's Journey to Jerusalem
Haile Sellassie and the Opening of the Seven Seals
Haile Selassie's War
Held at a Distance
How to Read the Air
Imagining Ethiopia
John Melly of Ethiopia
Layers of Time: A History of Ethiopia
Lost Book of Enoch: A Comprehensive Transliteration of the Forgotten Book of the Bible
Lost Books of the Bible: The Great Rejected Texts
Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind
Meskal: An Ethiopian Family Saga 1926-1981
Mesob Across America: Ethiopian Food in the U.S.A
My Life and Ethiopia's Progress: The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Selassie I
Notes From the Hyena's Belly
Peasant Revolution in Ethiopia: The Tigray People's Liberation Front
Red Tears
Reluctant Aid: United States Food Policy and Ethiopian Famine Relief
Remapping Ethiopia: Socialism and After
Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa
Revolutionary Ethiopia: From Empire to People's Republic
Scent of Eucalyptus: A Missionary Childhood in Ethiopia
Sign and the Seal: The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant
Special Oromo Dictionary
Southern Marches of Imperial Ethiopia
Sweetness in the Belly
The Apocrypha: Including Books from the Ethiopic Bible
The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears
The Chains of Heaven
The Emperor
The Ethiopian Book of Life
The Ethiopian Jews of Isreal
The Ethiopian Red Terror Trials: Transitional Justice Challenged
The Ethiopian Revolution: War in the Horn of Africa
The Ethiopian Tewahedo Church: An Integrally African Church
The Lion Judah in the New World: Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and the Shaping of American's Attitudes toward Africa
The Garbage King
The Great Rift Valley of East Africa
The Greatest:  The Haile Gerbreselassie Story
The Hospital by the River: A Story of Hope
The Hyena People: Ethiopian Jews in Christian Ethiopia
The Kebra Negast: The Lost Bible of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith from Ethiopia and Jamaica
The Life of My Choice
The Lost Jews
The Making of Modern Ethiopia
The Only Black Student
The Politics of Empire: Ethiopia, Great Britain, and the United States
The Queen of Sheba (Volume 100)
The Rape of Ethiopia
The Rich Man and the Singer:  Folktales from Ethiopia
There is No Me Without You
The Verbal System of Southern Agaw
The Wisdom of Rastafari
The Wise Mind of Emperor Haile Selassie I
This is a Soul: The Mission of Rick Hodes
Three Famines: Starvation and Politics
Through These Veins
Tigre Grammar and Texts
Towards a Fuller Vision
Treacherous Journey: My Escape from Ethiopia
To Asmara
Tribes of the Great Rift Valley
Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How it Transformed our World
Unheard Voices: Drought, Famine, and God in Ethiopian Oral Poetry
Vertical Ethiopia, Climbing Toward Possibility in the Horn of Africa
Vessel of Honor
Where there is no Comfort, Seven Days in Ethiopia
Where to Watch Birds in Ethiopia
Wildlife of East Africa
Wit and Wisdom of Ethiopia
Woman Between Two Worlds: Portrait of an Ethiopian Rural Leader
Youth Gangs and Street Children: Culture, Nurture and Masculinity in Ethiopia

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