Learning Countries of the World: Children's Books

We traveled through many states this summer and used it as an opportunity to introduce Geography to Boy O.  We learned map skills, landforms, and the locations of all the states and capitals within the U.S.  The introduction was so successful, that we are continuing with Geography and our goal this year is to keep the ball rolling and learn all the countries of the World.  What better way to complement the location on a map with a book?  Each week we pick a few countries, color them in on our world map and read a book about that country.

Here are the countries we have covered and the books we have read so far:

**Please send me a comment if there is a book from a particular country you think is awesome!**

Australia                                                                       A Platypus, Probably
                                                                                    A Kangarro Grows Up
                                                                                    Wombat Goes Walkabout                     
Bangledesh                                                                   Yasmin's Hammer
Brazil                                                                            Jabuti the Tortoise
Cameroon                                                                     Sense Pass King
China                                                                            Legend of the Chinese Dragon
                                                                                     Little Panda
                                                                                     The Magic Horse of Han Gan
                                                                                     The Pet Dragon
Democratic Republic of the Congo                                  Crocodile and Hen
France                                                                          Paris Cat
Greece                                                                          King Midas: The Golden Touch
Haiti                                                                             Please, Malese
India                                                                             Tigress

Ireland                                                                          Traveling Tom and the Leprechaun
                                                                                    Fiona's Luck
                                                                                    The Ring of Truth
Mali                                                                              I Lost My Tooth in Africa
Mongolia                                                                       Kubla Khan The Emperor of Everything
New Zealand                                                                Herbert The True Story of a Brave Sea Dog
Nigeria                                                                         The Magic Tree
Pakistan                                                                       Nadia's Hands
Peru                                                                            Zorro and Quwi
Russia                                                                         At the Wish of a Fish
Saudi Arabia                                                                How Many Donkeys?: An Arabic Counting Tale
Spain                                                                           The Story of Ferdinand
South Africa                                                                Marriage of the Rain Goddess