Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top 10

We survived the marathon!  The response from the crowd and our fellow runners was incredibly positive and despite a sleepless night, unrelenting rain, 1 terrific stroller crash, 2 potty & bottle breaks, we both managed to remain cognizant and actually enjoy the entire run.  I'm still in the process of writing up a more detailed boring account of the whole experience, so stay tuned and in the meantime, I thought I would post the top 10 things we heard during the race: 

Top 10 cheers and jeers

10. Go Baby Mamma!  Go Baby Daddy!
9.  Go mini marathoners!
8.  You should get double miles for that.
7.  You're doing the whole marathon?
6.  Can I have a ride?
5.  Do those strollers have engines?
4.  I think it would probably be easier pushing a stroller.
3.  Go Babies!  There's faster babies up ahead!
2.  Don't worry, we'll pass them on the hill.
1.  Did I just get passed by a stroller?


  1. Too funny. I hope you guys are all okay (with the stroller crash and all...), I can't wait to read the detailed account!

  2. that's hilarious. i especially love #1. totally wish i had motivation like you do or kids that would sit still for that long! looking forward to the details!

  3. I have been waiting to read how it all went down!!! Can not wait for the more boring account. Details, my friend. I want details!

  4. Funniest entry yet. Thought about y'all a million times. Stalked the marathon website and tried a dozen different ways to track you. Apparently, I'm website illiterate. I will cross your marathon off my calendar, though I loved seeing it there. I bet y'all already have another family goal in mind. Hot dog eating contest? Aerial family yoga? Out with it!

  5. So so proud of you mama! Eh, a stroller crash?