Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving Right Along

I wasn't expecting much during this ten month photo shoot, so I came prepared.  I knew the sticker would not work and gave myself a big pat on the back for thinking of the chalk board.  I got a few good pictures, but she ultimately ate the sticker and licked the chalk off the board in a span of about five minutes.  The only situation where she will consistently give the camera a good laugh is touching her big brother's head.  Apparently, he and his head is and are hilarious.  Maybe next month I'll paint a big '11' on his head...or get a sign that doesn't stick, crinkle or smudge.

There haven't been too many earth shattering changes this month but she continues to grow, babbles as if she is having a conversation, and stands longer, has tried to take an unaided step on occasion and gets into things more and more.  Cabinet locks may still be in our future.

Her interactions with everyone have grown a lot this month.  She is very proud of herself when she knows you understand what she wants.  She loves to wave at any occasion, clap her hands and play hide-n-seek/chase.  She loves to laugh at her brothers whenever they are around.  She has two personal comedians at her beck and call at all times.

She can say Da Da and Dadi very well, Baby O's name pretty well, and I am referred to as Na Na when she really needs something.  If I'm right there, a loud cry seems to suffice and she gets what she needs pretty quickly.

Here she is talking to Big Bro number one while he finishes dinner.  Does anyone else's three year old take an hour and a half to finish dinner?  Everyone else was ready for bed.  Including me.  I like to think she was telling him to hurry up.

Big Bro number two loves to entertain her while I'm preparing her bath.  She is one happy camper when he helps out and he is the only member of the household she will give endless kisses to.  It's hit or miss with everyone else.

In one month, she (or should I say 'I'?) has made huge strides.  She is finally sleeping through the night. And just the technical sleeping through the night (which is six hours), she is sleeping 10-12 hours without a feeding.  I took our pediatrician's advice, turned off the baby monitor and stopped going in every time she made a noise.  It wasn't as easy as it sounds-there were nights where I slept on the couch because I was waiting outside her door in case she didn't go back to sleep, and there were some nights where I had to take some steps backward to wake her up to feed her because I was in some pain (the plight of a nursing mom)-but we made it!  And it is so nice to be able to sleep again.

This next month is a big one-she will have both of her brothers home all day and I am preparing our summer schedule.  Hopefully we can have a smooth transition and fit nap times in with our bucket list of things to do. I have a feeling we will see some major 'steps' this next month.


  1. my 3 year old ALSO takes FOREVER TO EAT!! ...was it something in their nursery?! ;)

  2. You got some really good pics this time! I just love your monthly updates on sassy pants especially the one picture you took under the table...btw, Micah eats that long every night too and it infuriates me every time but I won't let him get off the table or he will never eat with as little he eats.. Glad the sleeping is FINALLY WORKING. I am so happy for that. Miss you!

  3. Seriously....I feel like we spend way too much time at the dinner table. It takes him that long to eat and then he's hungry right before bedtime. Drives me batty!

  4. ARE those two lower teeth I see in the picture? Already!? We miss you all! -J.