Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear Candy Land,

I purchased your world of sweet adventure six weeks ago in hopes of teaching our son some useful social & communication skills as well as reinforce his colors in his new language.  At first I thought you were a waste of seven dollars, but in the last few weeks, you seem to have Boy O transfixed.

You have accomplished all that I had envisioned and more.  I have played you over 300 times this week alone and am positive Boy O has his colors down flat, not to mention (to put it mildly) a healthy competitive spirit.

Oh Candy Land!  Our luck can change in an instant and we live for the lollipop and ice cream card-once you make it to Princess Frostine, you are pretty much guaranteed a win.  Although I appreciate all that you are teaching us-I'm so TIRED of your magical landscape.  I hid you high in my closet yesterday morning, but you must have the ability to emit a high pitched sound only children under the age of five can hear in order to locate you.  I tried playing you outside in hopes a gust of wind might carry your many cards to a far away place.  I even purchased the game Perfection so we could move onto learning shapes but all my efforts at sabotaging your game have been useless.

Go easy on me this week-I'm sure I will see you after breakfast,

Mommy O


  1. This is Jackie Johnson, Morgan Hanna's mom. I knew your babes in ET. It is so good to see them healthy and happy and where they belong! Even though I am usually a stealthy visitor, you can bet that I will be following their lives via your blog for as long as allowed. I send my love and best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Too funny! Maybe I should play it with my boys...then again, maybe not. ;0)

  3. You have no idea how much that game has done in my family. I think its one of the most popular games for little ones. Never have seen it described this way though either! Go mama O!

  4. hate. that. game. someone always ends up crying. we use "uno" (card game) for colors and numbers -- try it! much more enjoyable for adults than the other brightly colored, make me dizzy, and on the verge of vomiting land of candy. i think i'll keep this post!

  5. Go buy the game BLINK, you'll have so much fun! I promise the kids will like it, I mean love it!

  6. I've read this post so many times. It is hilarious. But it's time to write a new one lady... I'm jonesin'