Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Soccer Star

Sign up for indoor soccer: $45.00

One pair of extra-small shinguards: $12.00

Another pair of shoes (yes, seriously): $7.99

Waking us up at 4:53 am on the morning of the 1st soccer practice fully dressed, shinguards and all: One tired Mommy & Daddy (and also left us wondering how early Christmas morning is going to be)

Jumping up and screaming as my son scored the only 2 goals and successfully hogged the ball whenever he was in the game; he enjoyed every moment: Absolutely priceless!


  1. 1. holy cow soccer is expensive where you are!
    2. How precious is that smile?
    3. I'm so glad someone else's Ethiopian kid is the only one to score goals...someone asked to see my boys' drivers licenses last week...rude, so rude.

  2. 1. For some reason this one made me cry.
    2. Wake ups in the fours are unnatural.
    3. I think what really gets me is that he had on shin guards at 4am. So totally perfect.

  3. Haha, why do you think I only signed up Biruk? Wanted to do all 4, but couldn't?
    Glad he is so excited to go.

  4. 1) Glad I am not the only one who jumps up and down and cheers when Benj "hogs" the ball!

    2) His smile is what is priceless.

    3) Does Baby O have a fascination with balls? T does. Almost loves them as much as his daddy!

    4) If that was only practice, can't wait to see what fanfare his first GAME brings!

  5. Baby O does have a fascination with balls! In fact that was one of his first words. Right now he seems pretty stuck on dada.

    The game was amazing-it's a noncompetitive league, but I got surprisingly (maybe I should rephrase that word) competitive. He scored the only two goals and was pretty much the only kid that knew what was going on. Two kids on our team were crying, one was pretending to be an airplane, so he did get lots of opportunities to play. We did get lots of sideways glances and the question "so, uh, how old is he anyway?" several times. Can't wait until the second game!

  6. LOVE it! Glad it's you and not me though! ;) All of my kids continue to bless me with the "Pastoor" genes and sleep in....EVEN on Christmas!! lol I can't even tell you how many times Todd and I were just sitting there Christmas morning waiting for the kids to get up!! Sometimes we couldn't stand it anymore so WE would wake THEM up!! Crazy!

    Your soccer pics bring back so many memories---we spent years attending soccer games....regular season fall and spring....indoor soccer...USSF soccer and so on. OY! We were pretty much done with kids and soccer until Hana joined our we're back at it again....

    I love a good competition!! =)