Monday, February 14, 2011


Sleep and sanity seem to have made their way back into our household for the past week or so.  Things are busy, things are good and with so much going on, I figured a newsy update on the boys was overdue.

Baby O has my number and mine only.  If he happens to pull a 2 am wake up call in the middle of the night, it's like a 'choose your own adventure book' depending on who answers the call.  If Mommy O opens the door, turn to pages 10, 67, 83, and 110 where you are sure to experience crying, screaming, clinging and pulling of the heart strings.  If Daddy O opens the door, turn to the last page that says The End.

The evolution of the superhero for Boy O: First it was just dressing up for Halloween.  Then it was the simple addition of a cape (even a dish towel would do).  Now he gets up early, puts on his spiderman costume and cape beneath his regular clothes and goes about his day.  His reasoning is that he needs his uniform in case someone needs saving.  What was I thinking when I brought home the original Superman movie for movie night?

I even have to specify which shirts he is allowed to wear over his costume.  The foam muscles tend to stretch out a regular shirt.  He doesn't seem to understand why the costume cannot be worn out in public if it is underneath his clothing. 

Swimming has been a fabulous new addition to our schedule.  Boy O is a natural in the water.  Here is a picture of him before his first lesson.  Pure excitment in his swimsuit and towel. Hopefully Baby O and I can join in the fun next month when new lessons begin.

 Baby O is really starting to communicate. I used to think I had the bedtime song down. I sang the whole prologue of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat before laying him in his crib. Now, if I even start that song, he says, BABY. I quickly learned that this meant, Hey Lady-I want you to sing Rock-a-by-baby. Don't quit your day job. Have I mentioned that I'm not much of a singer and love musicals?

The glass doors in our house will never be the same, and neither will Valentine's day. We made cards for Daddy O,  a heart shaped chocolate cake and after dinner had a scavenger hunt for Boy O to find his special Valentine (clues to find goodies are a great incentive for first time readers!).  I'm surprised they could even fall asleep with all the frosting in their system. 

Lots of Love, Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I always love to read how much your little ones are changing and what they are up to. I need to keep up with that better but never seem to find the right words when I am ready to. I am not surprised at all boy O is doing so well in swimming. He is truly a natural. Yes ma'am, your baby got your number, that's for sure. Well at least you have Ken on those nightd you don't want him to have your number:) Glad to hear you had better nights though. I really need to get my kids in other sports and not just soccer.

  2. Thanks for being such a loyal commenter Andrea! I love comments.

    Nights are better now because I actually had to make a huge change in the way I dealt with Baby O's wakeups. It got to where I would go in to his bedroom, pick him up, and he would point to the bed next to his crib and say, "Mama-again". Meaning he wanted me to sleep with him in the guest bed. I knew then that I had created a monster. Now I just go in, change his diaper, give him a little milk and put him back in. When I go in with the resolve that I will be going back to my own bed, he does well, but I have my weak moments and he's good at sniffing them out. I'm a work in progress I guess!