Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pseudo Snow Day

Well, the media successfully hyped up this so called storm all day yesterday and here are the results in pictures taken over a 2 hour period.  All the kids were out and about early this morning taking advantage of their snow day before it melted.

9 am
Building  a snowman during Baby O's nap

9:20 am
Might as well build one for your baby brother.

9:30 am
Uh Oh!  I think too many accessories weighed him down.

10 am
Better get Baby O up and get some use out of the snowsuit that will only be worn once.

10:02 am
I thought you said there were two snowmen.

10:10 am
Maybe there will be more snow on the other side of the neighborhood.

10:20 am
If there's not enough snow or hills for sledding, slick wood chips and slides more than fill the bill.  Boy and Baby O took turns with all the kids home from school pulling and riding.

10:45 am
Throw some wet snow onto the slide and watch it become a catapult.  The kids had a blast and (in retrospect) I think I may not have been the best adult influence by helping them apply snow to the slide. We all tried it out....even Baby O and I gave it a go as a team.  Not my best judgement, but we survived and there was lots of cheering. 

By the time we arrived home for lunch and hot cocoa, the snow was just a fun memory.  The news said another storm will hit tonight-maybe this one will stick around for more than a few hours.


  1. haha lol, same happened here. That is so our state. They get so excited they start to exaggerate. And I love the snow gear. I think we get all ready for the snow and the kids never really need it. I did the same thing for my kiddos when we got the first snow. I think they have only worn it 3 times.

  2. that's hilarious seeing how bundled up they are with what looks like a beautiful day with only a few flakes. hopefully you'll get another blast of great playing snow! :)

  3. Thank goodness I couldn't find a snowsuit for Baby O at the stores-I ended up finding this snowsuit with a separate liner second hand for $4. Not bad for wearing it twice. It was pretty silly yesterday though-sun was out in full force and I insisted on them wearing their snowsuits....Typical (although, it was great for catapulting down the slide...)