Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fish in Water

The staff broke out into applause today as we walked into the pool area, all of us clad in our swim duds.  Baby O and I have been a fixture on the sidelines this last month, me on the bench trying to entertain him in the stroller and him saying, Mama, bath, bath! Me bath!  

This being Boy O's first experience with swim lessons,  I wanted to make sure I was available if he needed me in any way.  I needn't have worried so much, after one month, he advanced to the next level and I felt comfortable enough to sign Baby O and myself up for a baby class at the same time.

Daddy O surprised us by popping in and was able to take some pictures:

Baby O has had his eye on these toys for a long time-I don't think he let them out of his grip for an entire hour.

All smiles, Boy O was very excited to wear his first pair of goggles. My rule was no goggles until you learn how to swim, but last week he started putting his head underwater more and more and his eyes watered for hours afterward due to the chlorine content.  He couldn't be happier. 

Up, up, up the fire pole.....ding, ding goes the alarm and slide down under the water.  Kind of hard to climb if you are holding toy fish in each hand.

Baby O and I were allowed to stay in the pool until Boy O finished his lesson and we had a good time trying to be just like the older kids.

Boy O has really improved and is a natural in the water.  He is pretty adept at the doggy paddle and today was working hard on arm strokes and the back float.  Having been a nightmare in the water at this age myself (lots of tears and screaming as I recall-right Mom, Dad?), I have been pleasantly surprised at the way they have taken to the water.  Here's to hoping we are ready for the Florida beaches soon....


  1. Let's just say that even bathtime was an experience with you. Swimming lessons? Let's just say you were not a 'natural'.

  2. Wow, those pics are so precious. You look like such a beautiful and proud mommy. And baby O looks like he is tickled pink. Glad you are all attacking the swimming lesseons together and I have no doubt that with your skills you will be right there even in the pool in case of an emergency. Can't believe baby o is already saying these words..