Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinner and a Show

I can still remember my first musical-it was The Music Man and I think I was about six years old.  Yesterday, I took Boy O to his first musical, Billy Elliot.  A bit edgier than The Music Man, but our thought was that he would enjoy seeing kids close to his size dancing and singing.  From what I could see, he seemed to enjoy it all-the car ride down to the city, eating in a fancy restaurant, walking into the theater, all the people, the lights dimming, the red curtains opening and music blasting from the orchestra accompanying the performers.  He sat in his seat, eyes wide for the entire three hours-and wanted to get up and dance along.  I was quite impressed that he sat still for that long and although I enjoyed the show immensely, I found myself watching Boy O's face and enjoying his reactions even more.  Of course, he took full advantage of my good mood and somehow managed to coax a soda out of me with dinner, a candy bar at the intermission, a Billy Elliot t-shirt and ice cream on the way home.  I'm generally not this weak especially when it comes to soda, candy and my pocketbook-this kid knows how to work it. 

I don't remember too much from my first musical, but I do remember it, and I'm hoping he remembers this too (even if it is only because I had moments of nutritional weakness) because I would love to do dinner and a show again sometime.  

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  1. What an unforgettable experience for both of you. So glad you were able to do that.