Saturday, April 16, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond, Part Two

Every once in a while I like to read and reflect on my first post written one year ago today. Several statements make me laugh and several bring tears to my eyes.  I laugh because no amount of preparation could have prepared us for the transition into parenthood.  I cry (good tears) because it still conveys exactly how I felt and brings back all the nervous excitement we experienced in the weeks before meeting our children.

The past twelve months have been a whirlwind to say the least.  Has it really been one year?  Did we dot our i's and cross our t's?  Absolutely-or should I say as much as two people possibly could without having a crystal ball.  Did we pack enough?  Too much.  Did we need the bugspray?  No.  Pampers or Huggies?  Honestly, what was I thinking?  What a silly thing to even worry about.  Sleep?  If I could speak to myself, one year younger, I would say:  Enjoy your last weekend of uninterrupted sleep for the next ten years or so. 

But that's what I like about reading it.  This is exactly where my mind was at this very moment one year ago.  I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  All the important things had been taken care of and I found myself focusing on the esoteric.  As we boarded the plane to Ethiopia I can still remember the feelings of relief almost surpassing my feelings of anticipation.  Just to finally begin the physical act of meeting our sons was like exhaling.

So here's to a new year, year two:  I've jumped off the high dive several times now, no one is yelling at me from below and the water has been just fine.  It won't be the last time and I've still got some things to learn but I'm thankful that I took the first leap, kept my eyes open and as I forgot to mention before, my best friend was there to hold my hand and jump with me.  To infinity and beyond indeed!

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  1. I love you and would could never have done all this without you. This has been one of our greatest ideas and I would never, never turn back the clock. I love you boys, more than you will ever know! I also love you my partner(Mom O) your amazing! Thank you for sharing so much with me.
    Dad O.