Monday, May 16, 2011

One Down, Nineteen Or So More To Go...

Boy O lost his first tooth yesterday!  It's been hanging on by a thread for the last month or so and we were getting worried that it was just going to rot away eventually. 

This picture was taken at least two months ago when the adult tooth started to grow in behind it.  I rushed him to the pediatric dentist the very next day only to have her take one look in his mouth, say that this was completely normal and give me a look which I interpreted as, Lady, you need to take a chill pill or something.

This was yesterday morning, a bit gruesome with all the blood, but I honestly think this was the most excited I have ever seen him.  Even more than the water park.  And yes, we are still into capes.

This was the pillow my grandmother made for me a couple of decades ago and it is still going strong.  I also liked the blue treasure chest the dentist gave us.  It made it much easier for the tooth fairy to make a clean exchange before she crawled into bed.

How exciting!  It took him quite a while to get to sleep last night. He was very concerned about how exactly the tooth fairy would be entering his bedroom.  I convinced him that we didn't need to leave the window open-she is after all, magic.

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  1. Go Boy O!! I have never seen such a beautiful tooth fairy pillow