Saturday, October 29, 2011

On Busyness

As I mentioned in my previous post, October is busy.  Baby O's birthday begins the madness in late September and there are at least four more family birthdays this month alone.  Throw in a funeral, endless Kindergarten celebrations (I'm the room mom!), Fall Festivals, book fairs, collecting box tops/labels for education, cookie dough fundraisers, Daddy O traveling twice for a week at a sounds hectic, but it's just busy.  And I like being busy, but it doesn't leave much room for blogging.

We did have some time to build a scarecrow earlier this month and although the end result was (in my opinion) quite mediocre compared to what I had thought it would look like, we had a lot of fun.  Boy O had decided beforehand that we would build a Harry Potter scarecrow, so Baby O and I picked up all the scarecrow fixin's at the Goodwill one morning.

Baby O still loves to wear the hat and it was hard to separate him from the glasses.

Panty hose served as the head and although this may look slightly strange, we all took turns stretching it out and wearing it over our faces.  Good times.

 Boy O was in charge of stuffing the head.

Boy O applying Harry Potter's lightning shaped scar.

Like I said before, it didn't turn out exactly as I had first thought, but it was a fun activity and it has to count for something that every single time I walk out the door and catch 'Harry Potter' out of the corner of my eye, he manages to startle the stuffing out of me.


  1. I love the new pics. The Harry Potter doll is a great creation. Good for you for being a Kindergarten class helper. They need it so much. I hope to do that next year with Micah:) Andrea

  2. As all good moms know, it's the journey, not the destination. What a great journey you obviously had with this project...and, by the way, I think your scarecrow looks great!

    Jackie J