Monday, October 31, 2011

Sugar High

Yes, we did manage to carve pumpkins this year.  You would think that with all the years of higher education that Daddy O and I share between us, we would factor in the warmer temperatures when timing the carving itself.  It was not to be.  Two weeks before Halloween we visited the pumpkin patch and in our enthusiasm,  kept the ball rolling and didn't think of the consequences.  I'm not confident that I could completely capture the look of queasiness on Daddy O's face as he disposed of the blackened, rotten jack-o-lanterns with a large snow shovel, so I'll show what they looked like in their heyday.

The beginning:

Let's carve them now!  It's only 90 degrees out...

The rule at the pumpkin patch is that you have to be able to carry it out.  Baby O was the smart one. His survived.

Original pumpkins: Not rotten yet.


The costumes were bought weeks ago and I only wish I could have snapped a picture of Boy O creeping into my closet each day to look at his man of steel costume.  Once again, I don't think I would have been able to capture the halo of light that seemed to befall the red and blue unitard and certainly not the look of pure joy on his sweet face before I would turn off the light and shoo him out of our bedroom. The superhero theme is still going strong in our household and Boy O was quite disappointed when Baby O's train fixation took hold and he decided to be a conductor (okay...I did 'help' encourage him, but it didn't take too much).

It seemed to be a sugar high from the moment I woke them both up-Boy O wore his costume to school, meaning that Baby O also wore his and there was just so much chaos ENERGY.  All the students paraded around the school hallways in the afternoon before school let out and the excitement was tangible.  The space between school letting out and trick-or-treating was close to impossible.  The boys were so excited.

 Almost time.  Note: new pumpkin (no carving needed).

Not quite sure what to make of the skull....

Time to go?  No feet on the ground needed.

Suffice to say, both boys had a grand time.  We let them stay up, celebrate, organize candy and eat four pieces each until...get this...8:30 pm (for the record, I know Boy O was downing candy as he was passing it out as he so nicely offered to do after we came back-so maybe 50 pieces for him).   I know, I know,  tomorrow won't be the same.


  1. What is there not to LOVE about Halloween... especially at the O's house!


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  3. I lost the last picture of boy O flying through the air. What a good snapshot. I just knew he would dress as superman! Andrea