Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Celebrate...Again

Forget the schools that are rated as so called party schools.  Kindergarten is the place to be.  Pajama day, western wear day, fifties day, inside out day, crazy hair name it, they've done it.  Add in a couple of juice boxes and some goldfish and it can turn into one wild party.

This week's party: 100 days of school. The kids and teachers dressed up like they were 100 years old.  The teachers outdid themselves and many students didn't recognize them with walkers, canes, white hair, spectacles and some questionable extra padding.  Absolutely hilarious.

A little baby powder and eyeliner can go a long way...they looked more nerdy/silly than old, but they sure had a great time.

Boy O doesn't get to have all the fun-while he's off partying all day long, Baby O and I have some fun too.  Gymnastics is a great activity for Baby O.  As a former gymnast and coach I can say that I am quite impressed with his fearlessness. 

The librarian is our rock star.  She brought in the firefighters this week to read a story, talk about fire safety, show us the firetruck and of course make valentines (with the firemen and firewomen!).

Glue is one of Baby O's favorite things to mess around with.  I try hard to keep it out of sight and reach in our household and am always glad when someone else provides it and I don't have to clean up the mess.

Valentine's day is next week, so stay tuned...more crafts and parties to come!

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