Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Drink Pouch Debacle And Other Observations


Other than having emotional oubursts from time to time (the drink pouch debacle-see below), I'm feeling pretty good. 

I still run most days and although I've reduced my weekly mileage by a lot, I'm still proud to say that I can run eight miles on any given Sunday.  'Runs' have been reduced to something akin to a slow crawl and my routes are planned carefully around restroom stops, but as long as the doctor says it's okay, I have resolved to pull the belly band over my spandex, put on a baggy shirt and be that weird pregnant lady that runs/waddles around the neighborhood every afternoon.

Cravings?  I eat Ramen noodle soup like it's going out of style and at least a pint of strawberries every day.  Sometimes I like to change it up with pear flavored gourmet jelly beans and something doused in soy sauce, but Ramen noodles seem to do me just fine.  Cheap too.

Having enjoyed my morning coffee and my evening aloholic beverages, I have been pleasantly surprised that abstaining has not been at all painful.  I can no longer stand the smell of coffee or alcohol.  All alcohol smells like rubbing alcohol to me now-whether it's wine, beer, liquor, or mouthwash.  The smell of peppermint is pretty bad too.  I now brush my teeth with baking soda.


I'm sure everyone has had their own version of the the drink pouch debacle.  I've heard different stories from a couple of friends-the tater tot incident, the which-way-the-toilet-paper-roll-should-be-installed (over or under?) argument-in other words, an overreaction to something that looks insignificant to almost everyone else.  But criminy, when the 'lunch helper' informs Boy O that his capri-sun is too hard to open and to please tell his mother not to pack them in his lunch anymore, it irked me.  Yes, I understand that the organic brand is harder to open, but isn't the lunch helper supposed  Infuriated, I quickly scribbled a scathing note to the so-called helper (attached to his drink pouch) and stomped around the house until it was time to leave for school.  Daddy O attempted to gently express that I might be overreacting a tad  as well as remove the note from Boy O's lunch box.  This of course only made me more resolute in my mission to march on over to the school and make sure lunch helpers everywhere were set straight on their duties.  Luckily for everyone involved, the intensity of emotion subsided by the time I dropped Boy O off and I just casually mentioned it to the teacher.  Then I went home, cried and ate some ramen noodles.


Newbie O is doing just fine.  Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and every appointment has gone well so far.  I do spend a lot of time worrying about whether the baby is still there or not.  My first request upon entering the doctor's office is to make sure the little heart is still beating.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm afraid they are going to say that it was never there in the first place.  And why am I still calling it, it?  I honestly don't know...last week we found out that Newbie O is not an it, but a she.  And I'm excited.  She doesn't have a name yet, but I have to admit that it is just so fun to look at all the dresses and accessories for little girls.  And on that note, I'll end with one of her first pictures...


  1. Wow! What a great post! I had a teacher email me this week to tell me what NOT to feed my child for breakfast...ummmm I think not. I also (maybe) over reacted, as any good pregnant mommy would do!

    Anyway...Congrats on a daughter, she will make a perfect addition to your family! Can't wait to hear her I'm down to 2 weeks MAX before this baby is born we still haven't decided on a name for him! :0)

    1. Ashley-I'm still keeping up with your blog and wish you lots of rest and relaxation on bedrest. I know it's not ideal, but it does slow down the pace a bit doesn't it? Can't wait to hear all about baby Spike :)

      And what is wrong with people? What makes them think they can tell us what type of drink to put in their lunch box (can you tell I'm still a bit peeved?)or what breakfast to feed them? I think I just need to put a sign around my neck that says, Don't bother me, I'm pregnant.

  2. a girl, a girl...yeahhhh. What a beautiful addition to the family. What an interesting combination of food you like:) And the running. Wow, simply amazing. Thanks so much on the baby update and how your feeling. So precious. and the pictures is precious too. Andrea

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! What great news...a little girl. Can't wait to hear the name. That is one lucky little girl!

  4. Oh...and Newbie O is going to have such a pretty nose!

  5. Wow! Where did all these comments come from? Thanks everyone for all the well-wishes. I am so excited. I bought my first thing for Newbie O-little socks that look like ballet slippers. I have turned into THAT mom. And it's so much fun!

  6. Yahoo! I baby girl! I am so excited for you guys! So happy to hear that you and Princess O are doing ok :)

    I had a similiar lunch issue when Kaitlyn was in 1st grade and thought I had to buy a reusable juice container instead of sending a juice pouch!(Lori had a fruit cup debacle w/ the same teacher) After fuming for a couple days I found out that with a class of kids if everyone needed help with their juice pouch, fruit cup, lunchable wrapper, etc, etc.. there wouldn't be enough time to eat. It was more about the kids needing to learn to do more for themselves. Hard pill to swallow and I wasn't pregnant!