Monday, March 12, 2012


Large strides have been made this week.  It hasn't just been the general progress and growth, it seems as if every member of the family has reached a major milestone.


Starting with the youngest and newest members of the household: Larry, Dr. Jean, and Buddy-our tadpoles.  Larry sprouted his two forelegs on Friday/Saturday, Dr. Jean almost has two hind legs and Buddy, well, not much is new with Buddy-but he seems to be surviving and that's got to count for something.

Observing the life of a tadpole has been great entertainment during mealtimes.



Just had our 20 week check up on Thursday and once again, everything seems to be going great.  We were happy to learn that she has all her limbs, 10 fingers and toes and her head measurements are normal.  She is now the size of a 12 ounce soda can.

Here she is, fully cooperating and waving to everyone.

Here's me and Newbie O at exactly 20 weeks (this one is for you, Mom).  According to other people, I look great, but I know that's just what you are supposed to tell a pregnant lady.  If you told me I was on my way to looking like Bea Arthur-which is how I feel-I'd probably clobber you.  I would also like to add that I haven't completely given up on my platform shoes.  If you know me well, you know that I never leave home without them.  We'll see how long it lasts....


Baby no longer.  For a child who climbed over baby gates before he could even walk, Baby O has never attempted to climb out of his crib.  Until last weekend.  We were under a bit of a time crunch, considering he needed to transition to a bed (without bars) by midsummer and this was just the push we needed.  For now we have just taken one wall off and will put him in a real bed in a couple of months.  He felt like he had won the lottery and the picture below shows him 'practicing' sleeping before the first night. 

We were anticipating at least a week of no sleep, but it went off without a hitch.  He wakes up every morning, gets out of his bed, slams his door shut, runs down the hall to our bedroom and proclaims (for all the world to hear), I got up all by myself!

Potty training is going better after a weekend of potty boot camp.  We switched to underwear during the day and are making more of an effort to get the ball rolling.  There have been a few accidents and mop-ups, but he has asked to go to the bathroom a couple of times.  Sometimes I wonder who is potty training who though...


The marble jar has been going on since late October.  It has been a fantastic method to encourage good, responsible behavior and discourage other bad habits at the same time.  Daddy O and I got really tired of reminding Boy O time and time again to brush his teeth, put on lotion, make his bed, turn off his nightlight etc...

So, if he remembers to do these things without being told before school, he gets a marble for each chore in the Spiderman jar.  If we have to remind him-there is no punishment (no marble in the villain jar), but there is also no reward.  Sometimes good deeds that go above and beyond the call of duty are also cause for a Spiderman marble.

Behavior that warrants a marble in the Mysterio jar are lying, arguing, talking back, not being get the picture.  As you can see from the photo below, we are very lucky parents-we don' have too much trouble.  We told him that when he filled up the Spiderman jar he could choose a fun activity to do (within reason).

It took a few months but he finally filled it up!  And after much thought and debate, he decided he wanted to see a movie at the theater.  We went this past weekend to see the movie of his choice (3D of course) and we made sure to record our fun in the photo booth after the movie got out.


We kind of bought a house.   I say 'kind of' because we still have about a week until we officially close, but it looks good.  Inspections went as expected, minor repairs are underway and we are incredibly excited to move in after Boy O finishes out the school year in this neighborhood.   I feel like we have been living in and out of boxes for the last eight months-I can't wait to have space for all of our things and find my bleeping bowls and cookbooks again.

To recover from such a big week, we are relaxing at home on Spring Break for the time being.  Not much to do except soak up the sunshine and walk to the park.  Not a bad way to spend the time... 


  1. Thank you! I think you look more like ....
    You really do glow.

    Addis looks like the Prince of the Potty with the crown that he is wearing these days.


    1. Thanks Mom! I'm glad you think I glow-I think I look more like a glow worm ;)

  2. You all seem so happy and healthy, it's really nice to see. I feel like I live my whole life out of boxes, so I know the new house will be great! Enjoy the Spring Break! -Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I remember what it was like when I moved different places semester to semester...except now I have collected way more junk. I need to catch up on your blog-hope you have some good recipes for me to try!

  3. I read your blog shortly after waking up this morn, so I will use this as an lame excuse for being so slow on the uptake. I read the first entry of the blog thinking that Amphibians O was refering to the new baby...wait, she had an S on that amphibian??...a code for multiple birth??...and Buddy? one of them a male??...they should be further along than just sprouting their limbs??? WHAT???

    I had to go back and read slowly just to get my head back on straight. Now, I'm happy to report that I'm fully back up to speed on the O family and thrilled for all of the achievements.

    A new house? WOOO HOOO! Pretty soon you're going to be using the word y'all and considering yourself a southerner. Can't wait! :)


    1. That's okay! When my dad read through it, he thought I said bowels instead of bowls at the end there. Quite a difference.

      I do love the South. Being an army brat, I wasn't raised here, but I was born down here, spent most summers and vacations in AL, GA, FL and went to high school down here as well.

      I admit to having some negative preconceived notions about TX, but so far have loved this area and had nothing but positive experiences. It really has been great and I hope we can stick around for a long time!

  4. Music to my ears. You remember that I'm a TX girl, don't ya? (Baylor educated) Morgan spent every single summer of her childhood on Lake Travis at her grandparent's (my folks') lake house. Great memories!

  5. You must be so excited about your new house. Sure hope you're able to find your 'bowels'...too funny! The boys look so healthy and full of fun. I can only imagine your dinners-with-the-tadpoles conversations(or are they already frogs?) Geo. and I think about the O family often and both follow your adventures! Hugs to all of you!