Saturday, March 3, 2012

Runs in the Family

I am one proud Mom today.  Boy O finished his first 5k (3.1 miles) race!  Not only did he finish, but he didn't stop once and finished first in his age group of 6 other kids, not to mention that he passed quite a few kids older than himself (including adults) as well. 

Signing him up was no big deal, the flyer came home about seven weeks ago and I thought it would be neat if we could all participate and run as a family.  We were all fired up and made a plan to train 3 days a week until race day.  It sounds ideal right? 

It was harder than I thought.  There was no doubt in my mind that my son could do this, after all-he had run 2 miles with me just one year ago and has been known to bike ahead of me for up to 10 miles while I run.  He's no slouch. The thing that I failed to account for was the attention span of a six year old versus the attention span of two competitive adults (aka his parents).  Some days were frustrating and some days we managed to remember that he is only just 6 years old, doesn't care about a steady pace and would much rather spend his energy and thoughts hopping from from rock to rock, high-fiving the branches above him and racing down the hills at break neck speed. 

In seven weeks of training Boy O managed to log in 25 miles in preparation for this morning.  He kept track by adding 1 bead per mile to a necklace he kept for himself.   Not too shabby.

Race day packets are like goodie bags in this family...who doesn't love endless brochures, magnets, key rings and other junk?

Just before we left for the starting line.

Boy O, all smiles after the race and one proud, tired mom.  It's hard to keep up now...

A few hours later at the awards ceremony and a typical response to, Hey everyone, look at the camera!


  1. Holy Moly...look at you, pregnant and running a 5K! I know that's nothing to you, but I couldn't complete one on my very best day, let alone being pregnant! Good job!! I've often thought about signing Blake up for a race like that, he loves to run, has excellent form, and it would be so good to burn off his energy! ;0) Now that I've seen Boy O do it, I think that might be the motivation I need to sign him up for the next one I see!

    1. Kids have so much energy and Blake could definitely do it. The challenge was to keep a steady, slow pace (kids this age have a tendency to yo-yo) and still keep it interesting-after 20-30 minutes of running, he just got bored. The mileage necklace helped, knowing that the more he ran, the more beads he would get. We would also see who could spot the most bird nests, trees, police cars...etc. Somedays were easier than others and I'm just hoping that seeing all his hard work pay off will encourage him the next time a fun run pops up.

      The great thing is, if you are a beginning runner-it would be a perfect way to start jogging and have a partner. My pace has had to slow down due to my big belly and I have to go slower when I'm pushing a stroller so I don't strain myself. Perfect pace for a 6 year old and mom trying to keep in shape!

  2. Vennessia JohnsonMarch 4, 2012 at 12:24 AM

    Oh ho Boy O! Congrats on such a great accomplishment!

  3. That is pretty unbelievable. I would bet that you are setting these boys up with a lifelong hobby. What a gift! Good on ya'!

  4. Son, I am so very proud. Not that you won but that you stuck to it, worked hard, and finished what you set out accomplish. You are amazing!

    Dad O.

  5. So proud of your son. It didn't even cross my mind to train my kids for a race. How cool. It definetly runs in your family. Andrea

  6. Wow this is so impressive! I got into running when I was already 14, and I felt young then! If I had started at 6 I'd be much better by now! Well done to you all, this is really impressive and it's great how you can all share your passion for running! -Jess