Saturday, September 29, 2012


I've said it several times in the last year or so-Baby O is no longer a baby.  But he will always be our baby.  So for now, even though I have tossed around the idea of changing our pseudo-blog names, Baby O he will remain.  As usual, we celebrated as a family beginning from the moment we woke (which was early, because he woke up at least 4 times that night in what I believe was anticipation and excitement).

Tradition continues...I am still making the birthday cakes. They look pretty sad when compared to the store bought version, but it is so much fun trying to make these silly masterpieces.

Playing with his new 'Cranky' the crane and adding to his train collection.

Newbie O put on her pink party bow for the occasion and was able to watch all the festivities from the best seat in the house.

Hats off to the people who advertise for toys such as 'Dream Lites'.  This was by far the most requested item on Baby O's list and the most appreciated.  It is supposed to be the nightlight that 'turns your room into a starry sky'.  He told us he would not be scared of the dark anymore if he had one.  On night one of having his adored Dream Lite, he came running to our room at 2 am screaming bloody murder that he couldn't find it.  Come to find out, it had fallen off the bed.  Put that in your commercial Pillow Pets Corporation!

A letter to my youngest son on his third birthday:

Dear Baby O,

As I stated above, you are no longer a baby.  But as your Mom, it is so hard to let go of that little guy that entered our lives not so long ago.  You have grown and changed so much this year.  The baby fat is gone, the legs are longer and your feet at three are as big as your brother's were at four and a half years of age.  You are out of diapers, sleeping in your own bed and can carry on an amazingly complicated conversation with just about anyone.

You do everything with an energy and zeal that I admire.  You love your siblings with such fierce loyalty.  Just six months ago there was an incident where a boy was saying some mildly unkind things to your brother and you stood up in the middle of story hour and yelled, "Stop being rude to MY brother!, Be KIND you banshee head!"  You haven't had the chance to defend your sister just yet, but you enjoy playing with her toys and running over to where she is and having a conversation with her.  When we ask you what you have been talking about you usually respond with something along the lines of, "Miss Saucy Pants said I could play with her toys" or "She's fine, don't worry about her, she said she's not hungry".

You are equally mischievous, sassy and so darn cute at the same time.  It's hard not to laugh out loud at your responses to being disciplined.  It is quite a skill to be lovable and defiant at the same time and you have most definitely mastered it.  Imagining you being that way ten years from now is what helps me be consistent and keep a straight face.   I'm hoping these skills translate to being an independent thinker and a real people person when you are an adult and not the screaming meltdowns that occur currently in the time-out chair.

You may spend some time in the 'chair', but you are a great little helper.  You love to help me make meals or   vacuum the floor.  You especially enjoy helping Dad in the garage with various projects.  It slows us down a bit, but I think in a few years you are going to be quite the handy man.

This year has been full of changes with moving and a new addition to the family.  You have reminded us all to just relax, enjoy the moment and most of all, welcome it with enthusiasm and laughter.  I love you.  We love you and hope that three is even better than two.

Always yours and with all my love,

Mommy O

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  1. I love the cake, love the birthday hat, and can't stand that these precious babies are growing up so quickly. STOP IT!! The letter made me will mean so much to him/you when he is older.