Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Hi

Hi.  My name is Newbie O.  People call me all sorts of different names-anything from Miss Sassy Pants to Sugar Pop.  I've been around for almost 11 weeks now, weigh about nine and a half pounds and am 22 inches long.  I'm growing so much and so fast that there are some days when I don't nap at all because I stay up all day attached to my Mommy.   I do like to keep her on her toes!  Sometimes I smile and laugh at her efforts to put me in my bassinet-what does she think she's going to accomplish anyway?  I'm hoping she's just going through a phase.

Schedules are way overrated.  And with a face like this, how could you not agree?


  1. Is it bad form to comment on my own post before anyone else? Just wanted to point out how much she looks like her father. It is such a great comparison side by side up above. Love it!

  2. Awhh, I just want to kiss little princess Sassy Pants. Hope you are getting a little bit more sleep these days. Andrea

    1. I don't know if I'm getting more sleep or if I'm just getting used to the lack thereof.

  3. She is absolutely precious...and, yes, I completely concur about looking like her daddy!!