Thursday, October 18, 2012


Wow.  Seven.  I can't believe Boy O is seven.  It's a common theme in my posts now-time seems to be moving forward at an incredible pace.  I had hoped to have a birthday party with friends and family, but with Newbie O and life in general, I just could not get it together enough to plan the fabulous superhero themed party I had envisioned in my head.  There's always next year.  So instead, we celebrated in superhero style in our usual low-key way.  Family, food, presents, and all the superheroes you can imagine.

It started a bit early the night before-we let him open one birthday present early for movie night.  If you guessed The Avengers, you would be right on track. He was thrilled-especially since I had promised a fun evening of watching the first presidential debate I had taped previously.

Here the boys are in good spirits the next morning having a wonderful Spiderman breakfast.  He opened one more present at breakfast-an extra 30 minutes at bedtime.

Then it was onto our favorite Ethiopian restaurant where we met family and feasted on injera, shiro and other traditional favorites.  I got a big kick out of Boy O-his cream soda looked like beer and he looked like such a mini grown-up whenever I glanced over at him.

We were so full from lunch that he actually opted to save the birthday cake for later.  Presents definitely held a much higher priority.  Beyblades, superheros and legos were at the top of the list this year.

Boy O wanted a 'Beyblade' cake this year.  This was a hard one and I thought long and hard about how to create it.  Not my greatest masterpiece, but it's the thought that counts, right?  He said he loved it and even though I thought it looked a bit evil, it was mighty tasty.

And as tradition dictates, a letter to my oldest son on his seventh birthday:

Dear Boy O,

It's been another big year of changes for you.  We moved again, switched schools and added another member to the family and although I know you miss our old neighborhood, house and quality time alone together, you have managed to embrace it all with an incredible amount of enthusiasm.  You amaze me.

I want you to know that despite your brave face, I see how difficult it is to adjust to all these new things that have been thrust upon you.  I feel your frustration when seeing our time diverted to a tantrum throwing three year old and a new infant.  I want you to know that our love has and will never diminish-not even one bit-for you.  I want you to know that it weighs heavy on my mind.

You are seven.  Seven!  You still love superheroes.  You love commercials more than the intended television program.  You love wearing long pants on sweltering hot days. You love competition (and HATE losing).   You love soccer, building forts, swords, and capes.  You love to lay down on the floor of the library and surround yourself with books.  You love to chase and antagonize your brother.  You love to make your sister smile.  You love to help out in any situation.

Physically, you have grown by leaps and bounds.  In just one year you have outgrown 4 shoe sizes and at age seven, your feet and hands are as big as mine.  It will not be long before you tower over me.  It's so hard for me to pick you up now, but I try as much as I can because I know I won't be able to hold you in my arms and carry you to bed much longer.

You are so fiercely independent that I know I won't have to worry too much as you get older.  But I still want you to know that your Dad and I will always be here to hold your hands and swing you up in the air anytime you need it.  Once again, I can't tell you how lucky I am to be your Mom.

Much love to you and please don't grow up too fast.

Mommy O


  1. Happy Birthday Boy O! I personally love it low key! These kind of birthdays your doing he will remember forever vs with a bunch of crazy kind running around. Good for you keeping yourself sane!. Love, Andrea

  2. Hey pretty lady! I've had to scale WAY back to keep myself sane lately. I think by Christmas I'll have it under control. I miss your posts girl! Love seeing the pictures of your races on facebook. Congrats!