Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities

October is always busy.  Besides multiple birthdays, there are Halloween costumes to be chosen, pumpkin patches to visit, a plethora of spooky parties to attend and of course, the culmination of it all-trick or treating.  Costumes are never difficult for this family and within 5 minutes of entering the store, Spider Man and Iron Man were in the cart.  It was really fun to see Baby O partake in choosing his costume this year.  We were a bit surprised with his choice of Iron Man, but he never wavered once.  No other costume (not even Thomas the Train or the Hulk) would change his mind.

After last year's rotting pumpkin debacle, we made an appearance at the pumpkin patch much later in the month and carved them just days before Halloween. This was a much better plan and the pumpkins are still intact on the front porch, albeit a bit droopy after being out in the Texas heat.

Baby O honed in on his pumpkin right away, while Boy O took quite awhile to pick the absolute largest pumpkin he could possibly carry.

Newbie O also participates in all the activities, but it's hard to get a picture when she's being worn by the photographer, so here she is all dressed up and mighty happy to be a little pumpkin.

We go old school with the pumpkin carving-no fancy shmancy tools.  Just a knife and a spoon is all you need.  Of course this also means that we have to watch a little bit closer-at one point, Baby O took a knife and tried to carve his pumpkin himself.  We made sure to be a bit more careful after that.

Boy O's creation was my favorite.  The biggest pumpkin ended up having the smallest face.  I think it looked the spookiest.

Our new neighborhood puts on a fantastic Halloween bash the weekend before Halloween, but there is no trick-or-treating on the actual day.  We loved the party, but felt slightly strange about not going door to door on the actual day, so we packed everyone up, drove around until we found a nice neighborhood, and crashed their Halloween.  It was great!  Apparently we chose a retirement community, so it was fairly quiet and not too busy. 

The boys did a great job saying 'trick or treat' and 'thank you', but Baby O definitely needs to work on not ringing the door bell so many times and just walking right on in when someone opens the door.  The costumed person below didn't even make him pause....I think he asked him what his name was and why he was dressed up right off the bat.  Such cuteness but still had to have the stranger/danger talk again.

After Baby O went to bed, Boy O sat up for quite some time sorting and counting candy.

I wonder if he's going to notice all the pieces I've quietly taken from the bowl...

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