Monday, January 21, 2013


If you are a fan of Dances With Wolves, you'll understand the title.  Nothing seems to get her down.  For a girl who still doesn't sleep through the night (not even barely) and only naps 50 percent of the time, she sure is happy. All the time.  I guess I can't ask for more than that, but I sure would like some down time during the day or some sleep at night.

Secrets to her priceless facial expressions during photo shoots?  Jumping up and down with the camera and her older brother doing the same.  Works every time.

These stickers never last long.  In the past she has spit-up on them almost from the very moment I stick them on her onesie.  No spit-up this time, but she did attempt to eat it.

So much has changed in the course of a month.  She grabs EVERYTHING now.  I definitely have to be aware of what toys are around her.  She immediately puts them in her mouth or shakes them as hard and as fast as she can.  Small tanks and pirates with pointy guns are not good for this and are sure to go straight into her eye.  And believe me, we have plenty of those hanging around.

She loves rattles, her squeaky giraffe and just recently is especially pleased with herself when she gets a  hold of one of Baby O's trains or train tracks.  She absolutely knows and is delighted that she is playing with one of his toys.   Baby O is not especially happy with this new development.  He is actually very good at sharing with other kiddos his age, but this-this is new territory.  For now he is almost content letting her play with Dirty Diesel, Diesel 10 (the bad guys from Thomas the Train), and maybe a random train track or two, but every once in awhile he will tell her that she should not eat his trains.

She is getting better at eating solid foods.  She seems to still prefer her Mommy at the moment, but it's getting better.  She loves apple sauce and sweet potatoes.  Not a big fan of rice or squash, but we are still trying.  This week the doctor gave the go-ahead on more solid foods and we will start on cheerios, some chicken and maybe beans.  I'm a little nervous about beans.  The doctor may think it's all well and fine, but the doctor also doesn't have to deal with a gassy baby and the subsequent aftermath.  Enough said.

Newbie O is still a roller and seems to get around fine when she wants something (like trains), but I have noticed that she is becoming much more frustrated at the time it may take her to get to that 'something'.  She has the legs/knees all figured out, but cannot coordinate it quite yet with her arms.  Most of the time she ends up with her behind up in the air and her face in the carpet.

She also hasn't figured out how to sit herself up, but is more than happy to be propped up and play on her mini piano.  You have to be close, because she will topple over after a couple of minutes, but she always enjoys the sitting time.  And I'm almost positive she has inherited the Family O musicality.  Which is none.

Her hair is most definitely falling out.  It's coming back in blond.  No more crazy cowlick, but there are random scraps of two-tone long hair all over her head and she can look a little crazed sometimes when they decide to stick up.  Hats and large bows are definitely a good look for her.

She's still teeny-tiny.  At her six-month check-up today she weighed in at 12 pounds 6 ounces.  She has gained 2 pounds since her 4 month appointment, and although she's barely on the charts she is still gaining, healthy and happy.  Her pediatrician says she's right on schedule and we are looking forward to the next month.  Every day is a new day and a new milestone at this age.  Despite the sleepless nights, the days are fun (once I get myself moving).

And here we are-this is about as good as it gets.  Boy O with his 'fake' smile, Baby O having just gotten a black-eye in an unfortunate scooter incident, Newbie O not looking at the camera, and my giant calf.  Seriously, why does it look so giant?


  1. Love the pic of you and the children. See you soon!

  2. What a happy girl. Such precious smile. I bet you are taking in every moment. I LOVE the picture with your little man and little princess!