Monday, January 14, 2013

This Is Love

Love comes in all different sizes, shapes and forms, but tomorrow it's coming as a surprise in Boy O's lunch box and it's in the form of a pizza lunchable.

Apparently (according to Boy O) I'm pretty old school when it comes to lunches-it's a standard boring lunch meat on whole wheat bread sandwich, fruit, juice, and some sort of snack like pretzels or a granola bar.  Every once in awhile, I add a cookie or a piece of candy, but he knows what to expect from day to day.

Last week he came home and asked me if I knew about something called 'lunchables'.  Yes, I've heard of them...they even existed way back in my day.  He said, "Mom, they even have pizza lunchables.  They are so cool.  Can we get that?"  I responded by saying (old woman that I am), "No, absolutely not.  I make your lunch.  It's healthier."  He looked pretty crestfallen knowing that his only experience with a pizza lunchable would be to look on from the sidelines in the cafeteria.

I happened to come across this so called lunchable today and thought it might be a nice treat to open up his lunch box and see this:

This is love.  Seven hundred mg of sodium love to be exact, not to mention other interesting nutrition tidbits, but I guess it's okay every once in awhile.  The large heart message from his mother might cancel out some enjoyment, but he'll never get away from that one.

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