Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super at Seven Months

Another month has passed.  One crazy month to say the least.  And through it all, Newbie O has proven that she really is the happiest, easy going baby I have ever known.  Newbie O was there for it all.  Surgery, emergency surgery, commuting back and forth to the hospital, spending time in lots of unfamiliar places.  She did great and had a smile on her face the whole way through.  Where she gets it from is beyond me.  Certainly not from Mom and Dad.  A lot of things can be said about Mommy and Daddy O, but easy going is not one of them.

Newbie O is what I like to call petite-at six months she was just over 12 pounds-nothing to worry about but I am happy to report that at seven months she has gained over two pounds!  She loves food.  In fact, it is about the only area she isn't easy going about.  Food cannot be shoveled into her mouth fast enough at meal times.  I cannot walk away from the table even to get a napkin or her fussing will begin.  We also decided to skip the bottle and go straight to a sippy cup.  She has figured out how to suck on it and get some liquid out, but she hasn't had that aha! moment where she actually wants to drink.  It's still more of plaything.

She is sitting up better and better everyday.  She has a much sturdier stance and doesn't topple over as much.  She's getting close to sitting on her own-the other day I placed her down on her stomach and when I came by a moment later, she was sitting.  I think her big brother had something to do with that, but he still won't admit to it.  Although she still likes to roll around, she has transitioned to getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth.  It won't be long before she takes off.  I'm hoping she's not as curious as Baby O was.  I've been spoiled living everyday life without the child proof toilet, oven, cabinet, and door knob locks.

Photo sessions are getting more difficult.  She doesn't want to be dressed up like a doll any more and also does not cooperate with posing.  She would much rather eat the sticker and then cry about it when I take it away.  I usually get about 50 pictures in and have a bunch to choose from.  This photo session granted me a total of five photographs and I was lucky that two turned out to be good and one had the 7 month sticker on her dress (before she ripped and devoured it).

Cute as a button and we move on to another month of milestones...


  1. She might have her Dad's hair, but I think she look more and more like you everyday!

    I'm so glad that things are returning to normal for the "O" Family!

    -Judy G.

    1. Thanks Judy! When I'm holding her, everyone says she looks like me-when Ken holds her, everyone says she looks like him...she's just a good mix I think.