Monday, March 11, 2013

The New Normal

It has taken longer than I had originally anticipated, but I think we have entered our 'new normal'.  I can definitely say it's normal because it's spring break, I have all three kids at home and I didn't blink an eye knowing that I would have to do my weekly shopping trip plus one kiddo.

This was Newbie O's first time sitting in the cart and she had a fabulous time.  Usually I wear her and I think she really felt proud to be a big girl with her siblings. Her presence also seemed to entertain both of her brothers quite a bit (and cut down on their normal brotherly picking at one another).

As you can imagine, we can be heard on the other side of the state at all times throughout the store.  I've pretty much given up on trying to make them quiet.  We are loud and proud, I guess.

Hoping for many more successful, stress-free shopping trips, but I still maintain they are easier with two kids, not three.  And for those of you with larger families,  how do you do it?  Where do they fit?


  1. hee hee. Because we home school Lincoln or I one grocery shop with all 5 kids every time we go! Now...we try to do one BIG trip only once a month, with little trips done by one or the other of us on the way home from work. But...that one big one is hilarious! Because it's our big shopping trip AND because we have 7 mouths in our family, we have to have A LOT of food...which means 2 carts! So...picture my multi-racial family walking through store with my 5 year old in the front of the cart I'm pushing holding the list, one eight year old pushing the other cart with my 1 year old in it, (up until the last two months I wore him) and my other two 8 year olds grabbing the items I call out. :0) We are hilarious! It's a family affair. We do a lot of price comparison, learning to read, meal planning, etc. as we go. My baby is always being fed (chicken from the deli or puffs that we grab off the shelf) to keep him entertained...ha ha.

    Last week Lincoln and I were both free to go, so all 7 of us went and split up (as to accomplish it faster) and I only had 2 kids with me and I never realized how many people look at us weird until I had so many people smile so sweetly at me with my "perfect" family. LOL

    Enjoy it!!!!

  2. I thought of you and a couple of families while I was writing this! Good to hear from you and it was fun reading about the big trip...I can only imagine. It seriously gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about accomplishing this with more kids. Hope you all are doing well!

  3. you make the big kids - and in our lingo both your boys would be "big" walk. babies and toddlers get strapped in. :)

  4. The biggest kid usually walks and helps! I don't normally get these carts-they are such a bear to maneuver, but yesterday I was in a good mood and the sun was shining. I shudder to think about our middle child (the tasmanian devil) roaming free around the store. Do you give M jobs to do while he walks beside you and if so what kinds? How do you contain him? I'm actually thinking about one of those child harnesses/leashes. That's nuts, I know, but he seriously can be a tasmanian devil-you know the one from looney tunes?