Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chip on My Shoulder

It hit me like a ton of bricks on Tuesday night-Daddy O's absence that is.

He began his overnight trip at 3:30 that morning and by 5:30 that evening, I was exhausted, had cheerios in my hair, banana on my shirt and seriously questioning my sanity.  I hadn't been overly concerned about the upcoming trip and really hadn't had any doubts about being able to handle things. I realized that evening that I had been going about my daily business-playing with the kids, making sure their stomachs were full, doing dishes, laundry...etc with a chip on my shoulder, thinking I was doing everything.  That chip could not have been further from the truth and as I lay in bed that night between bouts of Baby O crying and cleaning up after Doggy O's cheerio laden sickness. 

To my husband, partner in crime, and best friend (aka Daddy O)-you are an amazing father, you do so much and sometimes I don't let you know that enough.  Just as you pace me in our long runs, you seem to pace me through each day when I speed up or start lagging behind.  The last seven weeks has only been the beginning of a crazy, wonderful adventure and I've loved every minute of sharing it with you. 

Happy Father's Day.


  1. I get so excited whenever I see a new post from you! I, too, detest when Steve is not around... Glad you and the dog survived -- albeit cheerio and banana laden!

  2. What a cute story. It really made me chuckle. Having seen you first hand in action with your big boy, Happy Father's Day, Ken!