Monday, June 28, 2010

Progress & Tidbits

Things are most definitely different around here and although it may be too early say, we are making progress as a family.  We are savoring every moment of parenthood.  I haven't written specifically about the boys yet, so I thought it might be nice to share some fun tidbits.

From the pictures we had before traveling to Ethiopia, I would never have suspected that Boy O had such a sense of humor!  He loves to joke around and fill the house with laughter.

Baby O can hold and control his own bottle now.  Hallelujah!

Boy O is learning English so fast-his first full sentence was "Daddy, you are stinky!"  (In Daddy O's defense, we had just run 14 miles).

We are not sure if Baby O recognizes us yet as his parents, so we have instituted a rule that no one else besides us and immediate family members hold him.  This combined with more time spent together, we have noticed that he can recognize our voices,  is smiling more for us & less for strangers, and is finally reaching for us.

Someone actually (I'm not pulling your chain!) asked me if Daddy O and I planned on telling the boys that they were adopted.  In hindsight, instead answering with laughter, I wish I had said something like "No-don't say anything to anyone!-they have no idea."  Anyone else have any funny/interesting comments they have gotten on this subject?

This family has a serious addiction to cheerios!  You know it's bad when the dog even recognizes the big yellow box and they are mentioned before meals when we give thanks.

Daddy O's motorcycle is a constant topic of discussion for Boy O.  He wants to see his Daddy ride it so badly and when he was told that it needed a new battery, he immediately ran into the kitchen and retrieved 2 triple A batteries from the junk drawer.

Baby O is pulling himself up and standing-he climbs over everything.  I am finding it hard to keep up....

We have a 'thing' after dinner now-if Boy O eats a big meal, he demonstrates how strong he is and struts around until you feel how big his stomach has gotten.  This is really cute at home but has proven embarrassing in public ("Mommy, look-BIG stomach!).

At some point in the future, I'm sure Daddy O will look back on the day that Boy O locked the bathroom door with no one on the other side as humorous.  Of course the key was nowhere to be found, so a trip to the local home improvement store ensued.

We can't tell what Baby O's future profession might be just yet, but are sure that 'negotiator' would fit Boy O perfectly.

Baby O has 5 teeth completely in and 2 more are on the cusp of coming through.  He loves to chew on everything except his teething toys.

The first trip to the dentist went great-Boy O does not have any cavities and he did great for the X-rays and cleaning.

We have slept through the night for the last week now without Baby O getting up once-of course I probably just jinxed it.

The training wheels on Boy O's bike have come off!  He also loves to accessorize his bike-it has a tall orange flag, license plate, spiderman bell as well as all the earphones from the plane trip wrapped around the handle bars.  I like to refer to it as boy streamers or  boy glitter.

I would say that the sprinkler in the back yard was a success! I just hope he doesn't catch a glimpse of the neighbor's pool.


  1. Sounds great! We also took our first dentist trip last week and no cavities here either! Yea! Congrats to Boy O for no training wheels! Email me...I would love to chat a little more in depth about our kids...

  2. Your updates just crack me up. First I really loved the adoption part. What a ditz. I can tell you have a TRUE boy there on your hands and I bet daddy is loving it to death. Your son is also a dare devil. I can't believe his training wheels are off! That battery and motorcycle part reminds me so much of Biruk. Isn't it amazing what just 2 months home can do for a family? Life is good, isn't it?

  3. loving the blog,thanks for sharing

  4. Thought of you today.... Someone actually said: "He looks fake. He is too cute to be real." I could not even reply, let alone come up with something clever to say. Also, Steve just finished reading Born to Run and highly recommends it -- in all your free time!!! Love reading about the boys! Would love to read a post on your impressions of being a first time mom to both a toddler and a baby. How it is different with the two????

  5. Rachael,

    That's a great idea! I will jot some thoughts down in my journal and post about those questions soon. Interesting comment-do people realize what is actually coming out of their mouth ? :)

    Mommmy O