Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speed Demon

Who needs a garmin to pace us during our runs when Boy O is always looking behind him and saying, "C'mon Mommy! C'mon Daddy!".  I admit that trying to push a stroller, run, and take a picture at the same time slows me down a bit.

Can you believe that he stayed on his bicycle for 3 + miles while we ran?  Even more amazing was that he was disappointed we didn't go further.  This is definitely our son!


  1. Yes ma'am I can believe it! He must feel so special with all these accessories. And and yes, he is your son alright:)

  2. These are beautiful shots. He looks so happy. So good to see. It's so smart of you to find something for him to do that keeps you doing the things you love. You smart cookie.