Monday, November 1, 2010

The Fantastic Four

Okay, so maybe not the real Fantastic Four, but you get the idea.  Halloween was awesome, I finally lived out a childhood fantasy of being Linda Carter and we all went to bed with too much sugar in our system.  Boy O is already up this morning creating new superheroes by dressing as a combination of all costumes worn last night, asking if candy can be had for breakfast. 

We are a family of four and fantastic....

Up, up, and away....

What is that in the window?

Silly string serves as the perfect web!

Spider...ine?  Wolverman?

We had to nudge Boy O up to this house!


  1. SOOOOOOO CUTE!! We had a guy across the street with a similar scare-the-crap-out-of-a-toddler costume and I could feel Cale's body tense as he walked to it. When the guy opened the door he had horror music from behind. Cale was almost in tears. What a mess!!

  2. Oh Susan, you all just look to die for. I want that picture!!! Can you please email it to me? You should have entered a contest or something. Wished you had a full body shot of you, Linda Carter! Looking might hot!

  3. How in the world does this only have one comment? REALLY??? I checked this this morning and didn't have time to write so I put it off, thinking by the time I got here there would be at least 13.

    Your family is amazing. I wish you lived on my block and that my door could be the one that Boy O is nudged towards. I cannot imagine how cool it was to watch him become Spider...rine even more. Silly string. Fun anytime. But I bet this time it was the most fun ever.

    You and I also share a taste in heroines. Figures.

  4. Can I just add that in googling pictures of Linda Carter as Wonder Woman-is there a more perfect female specimen? I think not. These pictures are before air brushing. She is amazing. Even now (I think in her sixties) she is a knock out. This year, Linda Carter, next on living out my childhood fantasies-Lindsey Wagner as the Bionic Woman. If I could only run that fast and hear that well. Imagine-I could run up the stairs and put laundry in the washing machine, listen to whether the boys are getting along (downstairs), and be down just in time to give a lecture about sharing before someone started crying. Now that would be a superpower...

  5. Truly this is the Fantastic Four! Love the pictures! We always dress up at Halloween too... my daughter gets such a kick out of it.