Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The past six months have brought forth many firsts.  This week's first rivaled some of the best.  Snow. 

We have read books about snow, seen movies about snow, and discussed snow in great detail.  Where does it come from?  How does it feel?  Has spiderman seen snow? Will Santa still come if it doesn't snow?  It's hard to really get the message across with frost and ice cubes from the freezer. 

All questions came to a halt when we looked outside this weekend and saw the snowflakes.  Big, wet snowflakes.  The result was pure joy and happiness.  Boy O ran outside, Daddy O rushed after him with his jacket and hat.  I followed close behind with the camera.

If you look closely, you can see my wonder woman cape peeking out of Boy O's coat.  He has taken to wearing a cape everywhere.  He also feels very strongly about Baby O wearing a cape as well and secures a red dish towel around his brother's neck at every opportunity.  Sometimes I too take to wearing a cape fashioned out of a dish towel.  You should try it-it gives me a little extra something when I'm feeling tired.

The next day was even better and took us at least a half hour to get to this point:

There isn't that much snow, in terms of snow, but they don't know the difference!

The snowman fell over soon after this picture was taken.  It was a disappointing moment for all but we soon recovered with a  massive snowball fight.

Yes, you are seeing correctly-Baby O now has socks on his hands because the red mittens were soaked after about 3 minutes.  We now have snowpants, boots, and waterproof mittens to add to our collection of outerwear they will soon outgrow.


  1. Gosh isn't that something having to buy all this snowgear??? I went nuts yesterday buying boots for 4 kiddos. I wanted to cry. At least you can hand them down to baby O. Our state is suppose to get pretty hard this year and that I believe. They boys sure look adorable all bundles up! Miss ya.

  2. I know, I know...I didn't think we would have to. But I'm glad I waited until the very last minute-both are growing like weeds. And I think they will get a lot of use this year with this season's forecast.

  3. Snow. Snow. Snow. Pretty to look at but I'm still teaching myself to appreciate it like a child.

    The boys look great! I love reading your updates :)