Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset And Other Tidbits

Where have my babies gone?

A recent check-up at the doctor confirmed that both boys are growing like weeds.  When we first met our sons, I was actually able to hold both of them in each arm.  My arms got a great workout and I was looking pretty buff over the summer-now my back is getting just as much of a workout or more and I can only hold one at a time (and not for much longer if they keep growing...).  My posture kind of permanently tilts to the side and I try to position them over my hip so my arms aren't as tired. 

Since arriving home on 5/10/10, Boy O has grown 3 inches (2 of them in the last month alone) and gained 8 lbs. He has gone up two shoe sizes and no longer fits into most of the clothes that were so large on him when we met him in Ethiopia.  Growing taller has its advantages-new clothes and shoes of course, but he can also jump higher and is happy that he is getting closer to Spiderman's height.  The disadvantages are that the fun race car carts are no longer possible, as I can no longer lift him out of the 'driver's seat' and flying like superman in my arms doesn't last as long.  I feel lucky that we had these last six months to be able to lift and carry him around as much as possible.

Baby O has gained 6 lbs (he is now a whopping 25 lbs!) and grown 5 inches. He seems to be hitting all his milestone moments on schedule.  He can't seem to figure out the door knobs yet, but he can reach them and is able to force his way through the child safety locks on the cabinets in the kitchen.  He can open the oven door as well.  It wasn't that long ago when I remember browsing the aisles with Daddy O, chuckling to myself and saying, What would a person ever need that for? (that being oven door locks, refrigerator locks, cabinet locks, toilet seat locks etc....)  My Mom didn't need them for me! Why don't parents just WATCH their children? Karma is awesome isn't it?

Daddy O noticed that I wasn't in my usual obsessive Thanksgiving preparation mode and on the Sunday before he ever so tactfully asked me whether I knew that Thanksgiving was the following Thursday.  WHAT?!!!  I honestly thought I had another week.  I was an entire week behind.  Despite my lack of preparation, I finally took the Halloween decorations down and the meal went off without a hitch - I was grateful that Daddy O was able to stay home and watch the boys while I cooked the turkey and all the fixin's.  Last year at this time we were still just hoping we would one day be parents. It seemed very far away. There is and has been so much to be thankful for this year. 

I might have been behind with Thanksgiving, but it certainly put my bee-hind in gear for Christmas-so as soon as Halloween was tucked away in the closet, out came Christmas.   It was so much fun to pull all those boxes out and see the look on Boy O's face.  He was absolutely speechless at all the glittery lights and holiday what-nots coming out of the box and was more than happy to touch everything, ask what it was and put it in its rightful place. To see the wonder and joy in his face as he sees everything for the first time is just plain fun.  He brought the 'merry' back in decorating-usually it is such a chore.

Much to Boy O's excitement, Daddy O got the ladder out once the rain subsided and proceeded to apply Christmas lights on the roof.  I don't know if he enjoyed the extra attention or not-it is usually just me out there turning the lights on and off at various moments.  This year, we all gathered outside, watched and cheered him on from the driveway.  Baby O had to endure the exersaucer (or the 'circle of neglect' as we now fondly refer to it) while I took pictures, but the sight of Daddy O high up on the roof seemed to entertain him plenty.


  1. Your family is awesome. I know you know that but I have to say it anyway. I wish I was one of your neighbors to get a glimpse of Family O in action during the holidays.
    I hear you about the arm workout that has become a back workout only. Kenenisa just weighed in at 25 lbs and we were both shocked he wasn't more. Sure feels like a lot more when you doing that awkward sideways lift into the car seat with a resisting baby.
    That sounds completely disorienting to have Thanksgiving sneak up on you a week early. The fact that you still pulled off tablecloths and all the fixings and goblets! shows me that alas you are Phoebe no longer. You are still a Monica. It was fun while it lasted cape and all, no?

  2. LOVE your post...and the bit about the "circle of neglect" made me almost pee my pants! :) haha. We now have one of those gated circles affectionately known as the "pig pen" or "holding area." It's necessary sometimes. :) 25 lbs! Wow! M weighed in at 20 lbs, 12 oz at his 12 month check...so we'll have to see where he is this month at 15. He came home at 11 lbs, so each pound makes an impact (especially when I'm already hoisting this giant belly around too!). Cale especially loved the Christmas decorations this year, and just like Haile was oh-so-intrigued by everything sparkly. :) Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Your boys are making huge improvements in their growth spurts. That's is crazy! I love the picture where you chillin with baby O on your sofa.
    The firsts are just the best and you wanna capture every single moment. I know boy o can really appreciate every moment because of his age. I wished I could have seen his eyes for his first turkey and Christmas lights. We are going to the tree farm this weekend and get our tree so that should be really exciting for the kiddos.

  4. Okay, i just watched the slides on the bottom!! Cracking me up! Are they dancing the Michael Jackson???? If so that's crazy. I thought my family (minus me) is the only family breakdancing after Michael,lol.

  5. Yes-we do love MJ. I'm actually considering getting Boy O into some dance lessons. I think he's really talented and he dances around the house all the time. Baby O loves to get into it now too. It's pretty funny.