Sunday, December 19, 2010

As Usual

Rained last night as usual, is how Captain William Clark often began his daily journal entries during his stay at Fort Clatsop.  This is how I generally feel many mornings when I wake up this time of year.   The wet, grey weather makes me feel like buying one of those snuggie things, curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and reading a book or watching some horrible reality show marathon until the rain stops-the problem with that is  I would be curled up on the couch for the next seven to eight months.  Unlike Lewis and Clark's expedition, modern comforts abound in our household and there are times in years past when I have successfully avoided the elements for extended periods of time.  Nowadays, this reaction would be a recipe for disaster-two kids later and we all get cabin fever after about six hours.  Any inkling that the downpour might turn into a mere drizzle, I load up the jogging stroller with old towels and get the boys prepared and go out for a run/bike ride.  A playground is located near the halfway point of our regular route, so we unpack the towels, dry the swings and slides and are able to make the best of it. 

Lately, there have been some pretty hard rains and the promise of the park is not the only motivation for Boy O, who rides along side me.  Massive puddles have formed in the gravel paths along our normal trail making it somewhat difficult to traverse to the other side without getting our shins wet.  I've never been much of one for these types of experiences (translation: complete wimp), but my son is teaching me to appreciate new things and see the glass half full.  There really is nothing better than a large, muddy rain puddle.  I do wish I had pictures of the first day of the puddles, because they were much larger and deeper than these pictures. 

Yes, I created yet another load of laundry for myself and in my efforts to avoid the puddles, I managed to step in deep pockets of mud in the mucky swamp of a field surrounding us.  

The fresh air and laughter as I watched him ride through every kind of puddle was well worth getting wet and muddy.  I even amused Baby O by attempting to run through a few, resulting in some spectacular showers.  So if you are ever down in the dumps about the weather, consider putting on an old pair of shoes and enjoying a good splash in the aftermath of this liquid sunshine. 


  1. You Are the Most Fun Mom in the World. Although I don't get depressed from our 300 days a year rain here in Washington, you never seize to amaze me with your adventures. I just looked at rain from a new view that I have to embrace with my kids. I think if I were to do that with my kids, they will think I am nuts! I will let you know how it went, lol.

  2. Nah. I wouldn't consider myself a fun mom-just one that has run out of ideas!

  3. Go with it. Because you are definitely a FUN MOM. Have you seen these?

    I bought one used and use it almost daily. It helps that it goes OVER his clothes so that I don't have to struggle with new clothes every time we want to go out. And it has the ability to keep out sand and water to an incredible capacity. And it's washable. Do I need to go on?... cuz I can.

    What gets me about here is that even if it isn't raining, everything is still soaked(the dirt, the play equipment, etc) so it might as well be raining, you know?

    Oh, and be careful if you do get one of these suits and send the baby down a slide. Look out! It makes them launch. I bet Boy O would dig it to the max.

    And Andrea, I don't think anything could get you down girl. You are a powerhouse.

  4. I will definitely check these out-thanks for the tip-anything to keep from doing another load...and another...and another...

  5. Reminds me of my days in Ann Arbor, where they gray cold wet weather (usually snow) landed me on the couch with a box on Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies and watching Real World/Road Rules marathons. It's amazing I graduated in 4 years.... Confession time: I didn't know you could ride a bike through puddles like that!!! I am not sure what I thought would happen -- but I didn't think it was actually possible. Maybe I am more of a city girl than I care to admit!!! BTW, LYPS!!!!!


  6. Well, at least we don't have to worry too much about snow most of the time, the combination would be brutal.
    I haven't thought about those cookies in years (not since college, now that you mention it)! How do they get so soft? :)
    Now it's my confession time: I STILL watch that crap-I can't get enough of the real word/road rules stuff. I don't know why anymore-they seem to be getting younger and even dumber. But it is a guilty entertainment of mine.

  7. That's the real reason I don't have a tv. If I did I would watch this stuff ALL the time. I have no self control. Seriously. If you have a question about any tv show pre1997, just ask me. I actually used Julie's name the other day in regular conversation (my favorite person from the first season of Real World.)

  8. This is sad, but was she the one on the New Orleans cast? I can give you some updates-she's been on a couple of the challenges in years past-always good when she's on. Lot's of conflict! Geez, I hope I am not watching this on TV with my college age kids when I'm 50.

  9. Found you on Bloggy Moms. Like the variety of subject matter of your posts. Looks like you are having lots of fun in the rain! Looking forward to more! I'm at