Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Musings From A First Time Momma

Some of the more humorous things that have changed in our household since doubling our family:

Talking about poop has been banned from dinner conversation.  Most might think our five year old would be the likely culprit, but it's actually me.  This was brought to my attention by Boy O who said one day at dinner after Daddy O asked how my day went, Mommy, that's not appropriate dinner conversation. Some days, my life revolves around doo doo.  Based on when and how many diapers I change, I can easily predict how my day or night is going to play out.  There have been several times when asked how my day is going that my thoughts go directly to bowel regularity.  For example, this subject is most likely to be at the forefront of my mind if nothing substantial has happened in the diaper arena by 5 pm.  I could go on, but I'll spare you the details.

I have trouble sleeping at night because I consistently wake up thinking I hear crying, screaming or someone falling out of bed.  The boys' rooms are very close, so a baby monitor is not needed-but I STILL tiptoe or even rush to their door to make sure nothing is wrong at various times during the night.  I thought maybe I was just crazy, but when I mentioned this to Daddy O, he said he has had similar experiences.  So if I am indeed losing it, at least I am not alone.  Anyone else have this problem?

Another fun parenting phenomenon: I hear my own words repeated back to me.  Apparently, I use the word appropriate/inappropriate quite often (see Boy O's line directed at me in the first paragraph).  When correcting Boy O on table manners etc..., I am often reminded of the phrase People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, because I seem to eat my very own words-a lot.  I now say 'please' and 'thank you' all the time, try very hard not to talk with my mouth full, keep my elbow off the table while eating,  use a napkin and the truck driver that used to live in my mouth has taken up new residence elsewhere.  I have learned that if I tell my son to do something, I had better be on board and set the example (or my 5 year old will let me know).  I think he might have the makings to be a great hall monitor in a few years...

I used to be up to date on the most current of events.  Ask me my opinions on various political candidates, current national policies or who had been in the local police blotter, I could probably have given you in depth answers.  Flash forward to today:  I can tell you that I detest the movie Air Buddies, Space Buddies, and any other movie with the word 'buddies' in it (anything with talking animals and bad story lines-for some reason, these movies seem to have it all).  I would call myself somewhat of an expert at the lives and adventures of superheroes and I look forward to receiving Highlights and National Geographic Junior in the mailbox.

Our house has changed.  We chose the 'desert camel gold' color for our walls six years ago in hopes of creating a warm, welcoming, homey atmosphere. Being greeted by the 15 foot metal gate upon entry into our house might give visitors a different idea altogether and although the baby gates coordinate well with the outlet covers and cabinet locks, it tends to clash with the toy bins that have been rammed and lodged against minute points of entry and areas where a 15 month old is not welcome.  Furniture is now arranged not for aesthetics or to highlight architectural features, but to cut off access to baby magnets, such as power cords and various cables scattered around the house etc...  Closets of course no longer serve the purpose they were originally designed for (dumping all your junk) since both children have discovered not only how to open them but push the doors completely off the tracks.  Items such as vacuums, brooms, jackets, lock boxes have all been evicted and have found new homes in odd high places around our household.

Despite my obsession with number two, lack of sleep, and practicing what I preach among other things, I wouldn't trade it for one night of our previous life.  These days are fleeting and before I know it this house will revert back to the quieter, cleaner version it once was.  My kids keep me in the moment and remind me to enjoy the little things in life and not dwell on the fact that we have to pull out an extension ladder to reach the mop that has been secured safely near the ceiling.


  1. This is Jackie Johnson, Morgan Hanna's mom. I am a stalking reader of several of the ET adoption blogs...yours included. While I very seldom comment, I want you to know that I am a faithful reader and I THOROUGHLY enjoy every single post you make. It is so incredibly wonderful to see your family happy and well.

    Soooo....just in case you ever think that there is no one out there who is reading your deepest thoughts...think again. I'm hanging out there in the cyberworld loving and rooting for your family from afar!

  2. Thanks Jackie! When someone asked me if I knew my only official follower, I said that you and Morgan watched over my babes before I could and you are now their cyber/virtual grammy.

    Thanks for reading my deepest thoughts...I've haven't had much sleep as Boy O has been sick and Baby O is getting in 4 molars. So that's where I was last night, lacking sleep and patience and trying desperately to find some humor.

  3. Oh I love this post. Especially the doo part and politics.. I think that is why I only want to post pictures anymore because I can't even bring a normal sentence. Oh and how do I feel you on the sleeping. That is truly me too. But isn't it so fun? Wouldn't change a thing in the world. RE: the last paragraph: As you know that I know for for. Those quiet times will be here faster than you think.