Monday, January 24, 2011

My Valentine

I had envisioned the results of crafting valentines to look something like a page out of the Martha Stewart Living magazine at right.  Having a five year old as my creative partner, I knew from the get go it would never look like the picture, but I really did think we might cut out a few hearts here and there.  Here's a picture of where we ended up:

When I stopped to actually think about why my son, who is obsessed with superheroes, would want to make a pink and red valentine as opposed to creating a Superman emblem (which was promptly safety pinned to his chest) is beyond me. 

Boys will be boys and I love them.  I know it's early, but happy Valentine's Day-Superheroes and all!


  1. Girl, you are my super hero. Seriously. I admire you so much. But you knew that right? And anyway, good emblem. Martha would be jealous!

  2. Love your home made valentine cards! Much better than the store bought ones.

  3. it's not too early for valentines kids have been making them all week. enjoy the weekend, sparrow!