Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smelling The Roses Among Other Things...

The process of walking to the park is, well, a process.  I find that if I don't clear my head of any purpose whatsoever (like actually getting to the park),  this brief excursion can easily turn into an exercise in patience. 

Here are some instructional photos on how to walk less than a quarter of a mile in just 45 minutes:

1.  Start off strong and give your parent every indication you would like to ride on your big wheel.

2.  Three houses later, decide you would like to take off your helmet and push instead.

3.  See a carefully placed border of rocks and decide you must walk directly on them.

4.  Touch every decorative object that is within reach of the sidewalk.

5.  Proceed to visit every mud puddle in sight.

5.  Even though we now only have 20 minutes to play at the park, make the most of it!

6.  Start all over from the opposite direction.

To conclude the events of this afternoon-I think I need to take more pleasure in 'the process' rather than concentrating solely on the end result.  My boys are wiser than I give them credit for sometimes. 


  1. This is such a cute little post. Love all the pictures to go with it. I just wanna snatch up baby O:) I bet your boys got everyone charmed in the neighborhood, huh?

  2. Haven't you heard that it is the journey that counts?