Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Chance

In an effort to make sure the boys see all there is to see of the Pacific Northwest before we pack our bags, we spent a cloudy Memorial Day driving along the Columbia River Gorge, toured Bonneville Dam, and stopped at several scenic waterfalls.  There's only about a thousand and one more things to see and do in the next eight weeks...

This was a scenic pull off point overlooking the Gorge.  I kept a tight grip on Boy O and Baby O enjoyed seeing the view from his car seat-it freaks me out just to look over the edge.  

Family O took a private tour of the Dam due to the fact that most people were enjoying the BBQ in their backyard.  Both boys loved the steep escalators and glass elevators.

A tour of the waterfalls is always a great thing to do on a drizzly day.  It's beautiful whatever the weather.  Especially Multnomah Falls.

Baby O's smile/grimace is still going strong.

I think this photograph looks familiar-Michael Jackson anyone?

I held Baby O so tight, I'm surprised he survived, luckily this shot only took a few seconds.

Good times had by all, stay tuned there is more to come!


  1. So beautiful! Why would you ever want to leave?

  2. I know, I know! But seriously, I'm wearing a turtleneck and jeans in JUNE! I'm ready for some consistent sunshine.