Thursday, June 23, 2011

Letting Go (a little)

I really do have so much to write about, but the past week and a half has just flown by-we have been incredibly busy with a new schedule.  On top of that I ran a marathon on Sunday, so stay tuned in for when I recover enough to write up a decent race report and an account of my pre-marathon jitters (which were pretty significant).

Scores of activities seemed to roll in as summer suddenly materialized these past few weeks.  I found myself weeding through descriptions of Kung Fu instruction and soccer camps, and even considered making the hour drive one way for zoo camp (it just sounds so cool-who wouldn't want to spend all day at the zoo?). Time and time again I kept coming back to swimming.  It's just an important life skill and I wasn't quite satisfied/confident that if my son were to fall in the water whether he would be able to swim to the side without the help of another person.   Boy O had taken a few lessons a couple months back and we had been going once a week for a family swim hour at the local YMCA but I wasn't convinced.  During family swim time, I had a difficult time furthering any sort of swim skills with Boy O other than encouraging just having fun in a life jacket.  Holding Baby O was also a full time job and I never felt like I was giving Boy O the attention he needed.  Not to mention that the open swim coincided perfectly with a somewhat older crowd doing rehabilitation classes and I always felt the need to keep Boy O from splashing (virtually impossible for a 5 year old) and could feel the stare down when he attempted to kick his legs to propel him forward. 

So, tired of the same old thing, I decided to try out a new pool and swim program that I had heard good things about.  I arrived an hour early on Monday morning to sign the boys up and get a good idea of what I was in for and was pleasantly surprised that Baby O could take a class as well.  I wasn't hoping for much since the line of questioning went something like this: Is he 2 years old yet?  Is he potty trained?  Ummm...Not quite.  I even came prepared with activities that might distract him from the fact that everyone else would be in the water, but despite his shortcomings on age and a new bad attitude towards the toilet, he joined a class of kids almost twice his age.

I admit that I did not have high expectations, but this has been an amazing experience for all of us.  One hour a day and four days later, Boy O is swimming in the deep end and jumping off the diving board by himself.  He is even doing some great dives and I could not be more impressed.  In addition there is no family changing room here and Boy O is responsible for his swim back pack, showering after class, and getting dressed and ready all by himself (he did have some trouble remembering where his sandals were today, but he eventually found them...).  He loves his new found independence.

 Baby O has no fear and gives me heart palpitations from time to time with his fearlessness, but it is amazing that he can navigate through the water in his arm floaties all by himself.  He still needs my help sometimes climbing up the ladder and getting in line, but the fact that he is holding his own with kids twice his age is crazy.  WOW!  He also loves the independence.

I find myself sitting on the sidelines, helping every once in a while, but mostly cheering, high-fiving, and clapping for my boys.   My kids are learning to swim and I'm taking notes on how to let go, even if it's just a little bit. 

Waiting for class to start (Yes, I am one of those parents that thinks matching anything is cute).

This isn't the best photograph, but I managed to catch Boy O in midair during one of his first dives in the deep end.

Baby O sitting on the edge, waiting for his turn.  As you can imagine, he already has everyone wrapped around his little finger.

A short video of Boy O jumping off the diving board.  He is ecstatic!

A short video of Baby O's favorite activity.  He asks his teachers about the slide all the time.


  1. This FL grandma/old ex-lifeguard is HIGHLY IMPRESSED with the O Family water skills. Gobez...for sure!!!

    Jackie Johnson
    Morgan Hanna's mom

  2. Thanks Jackie! It's nice to know it's not just me! I'm just elated that they aren't scared of the water like I was at that age.

  3. Wow, boy O is doing so great with his swimming. Glad you are so packed with activities so the kids never get bored. I love to match up my kiddos also.

    Can't wait to read about your marathon.