Monday, June 6, 2011

The Last #$@! Game and Other Fun Tales

The last soccer game.  Or as Baby O refers to it: Foccer.  I did not understand what it meant at first and for several days blamed Daddy O for our sweet baby's potty mouth (in Daddy O's defense, this is absolutely not a word in his vocabulary, but there was nothing else I could think of).  Boy O would appear decked out in shin guards and cleats, Baby O would point to him and say: Foccer, Foccer!  It really did sound like something else and the true meaning did not even occur to me.  Once the words 'ball' and 'game' were added, I finally got it, but I admit that I was a bit perplexed and somewhat embarrassed when it was impressed upon total strangers.

Foccer season was great.  Boy O did a fantastic job playing a year ahead and seemed to fit right in with his teammates.  The days of scoring over 10 goals per game were over but he managed to fit more than a few in this season and it was great to see him get so excited.  More impressive to me was observing the transition from being a ball hog to understanding the concept of passing the ball to one another and calling the ball instead of fighting his own teammate for it.  This wasn't always consistent from week to week, but I think the idea of what a team is might be sinking in. 

The entire team celebrated the last game by going to Chuck E. Cheese's where Boy O was presented with the team spirit award and his very own soccer trophy.  The coach said that no matter what the game was looking like, Boy O was always in high spirits and ready for a team cheer.  Here's Mr. Team Spirit himself:

I asked Boy O what he was thinking in this picture because it didn't seem to be his normal out of this world smile.  He told me that the picture lady told him to say the word 'stinky' instead of smile or cheese and he was a bit confused.  The team picture of course looks very different-all the kids were laughing together as they yelled STINKY!

Back to the Chuck E. Cheese celebration-Daddy O and I have avoided this kid magnet like the plague but could elude it no longer. And before I go into it, here's a confession:  when we celebrated our one year anniversary at Hotel Water Park, we did in fact take the boys to the arcade.  As we were in discussions on how many tokens to purchase, we noticed that they were having a fabulous time just running from machine to machine, pushing the endless amount of buttons.  Boy O had no idea that coins were involved and that they were actually games.  So we took advantage of it and spent one wonderful yet economical hour in the arcade. 

Chuck E. Cheese was definitely a different experience, but it was a relatively mellow atmosphere on a week night.  I was unable to get a proper picture of Boy O since he was in perpetual motion, but I got a couple of good ones of Baby O (also in perpetual motion, but held in place by Daddy O).

Once again, good times had by all and many thanks to our coach who graciously volunteered her time all season.  We'll have to figure out what to do without practice and Saturday games.  We'll miss it, but it will be nice to have our weekend back...



  1. Foccer... too funny! I know the feeling of "losing" a weekly ritual of classes or practices. It's very strange at first but before you know it your Saturdays will be filled with fun things to do!

    Love seeing photos of the boys! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Sorry Susan, that was me in last comment. I kept using my google account and it keeps kicking me out. I guess I will be anonyous from now on. Its only on yours and Rachael's blog. Good. I will catch up on your blog really soon.

    Andrea H.

  3. Focker and Stinky, lol! Boy O looks so handsome in this picture. They are growing up really fast.
    Andrea H.

  4. Well, I'm glad it still works-I tried changing a few things, not sure what is going on, I was having problems as well...