Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 4

We took a welcome break today from all the heavy driving and set aside the entire day to see the Grand Canyon.  A day really isn't enough to really explore and see everything, but I think it was a good introduction until we can make a longer trip sometime in the future.  

Words and pictures cannot describe the Grand Canyon.  Wow.  I think we stopped at every scenic view point to oohh and ahhh.

As we sat down to eat at the Canyon Cafeteria (going on hour 4 of ooohing and aaahing), Boy O plunked himself down at the table and said very matter of factly, You know Mom, I think we should just go to a hotel and go to the pool.  That just about summed it up and I knew we were on our way out soon. 

On that note, instead of posting pics of all the national parks and scenic view we pass, I should really just do a post on the variety of pools from state to state.  Here's Flagstaff, Arizona:

Back on the road tomorrow and hope we can make some headway through New Mexico!

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