Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 6

We got off to an early start this morning, expecting the last leg of the trip to be long and...long.  After visiting several national parks in the last few days, I was disappointed to learn that we had arrived too late and we would leave too early to visit the Roswell UFO museum during our brief visit.   I know it doesn't measure up to the Grand Canyon, but I had envisioned it to be a fun, guilty pleasure kind of stop along the way.  So I made everyone stop for a picture on our way out of town.  At 6 o'clock in the morning.  I figured it was the next best thing.

There seemed to be quite a few bathroom breaks today and we had to communicate via my Dad's cell phone today between cars due to the fact that I left my phone charger somewhere in Arizona.  For the first pit stop, I asked my Dad to call Daddy O who was driving in front of us to pull off at the next gas station.  My Dad dialed the number, and as soon as he heard the phone pick up said, Hey we need a potty break!  Unfortunately he had dialed the wrong number and the person on the other end let him know it.  We had a good laugh about that!

Today was full of entertainment from my Dad or Chief as the boys refer to him-he told all the old stories I remembered and a few new ones.  The hours were filled with different forms of I spy and other games and I'm glad that the boys got to experience my Dad in fun 'travel mode'.  We will all be sad to see him leave tomorrow.

Here is Boy O in Pecos, Texas-he is fascinated with cactus and this was right next to the gas station where we made a much needed pit stop. 

We ate lunch in Ozona, Texas where there was a Davy Crockett monument.  Boy O is a big fan of the old Davy Crockett movies (thanks Dad!) and this was the highlight of the day (besides the pool later on). 

Even though we were on the road for eight hours, the miles seemed to go by fast and before we knew it, Hill Country was upon us.  In the blink of an eye, our road trip is ending and although I will be so excited to see our washing machine and dryer tomorrow (hopefully), I will be sad to say goodbye to my Dad and the break from the ol' grind.  It's been a great ride but it's time to go back to reality, I guess. 


  1. "Care and feeding of a 'Kief'" (That's what Addis called me since he couldn't pronounce "Chief"):
    1) Make sure that 'Kief' is fed regularly and on schedule
    2) If food service is bad or takes too long, Kief gets cranky
    3) Let Kief clean the front windshield. Boy-o can clean the sides and back, but he doesn't quite have the squigee function down.
    4) Kief has good tolerance for Nursery Rhyme CD's, State Capital CD, and the hip-hop CD, but he really liked the Johnny Cash CD. "Ring of Fire" became his personal anthem on the trip. Even Baby-o started singing along.
    5) Kief does better in the evening's when he has had his grog ration.
    6) Who says rote repitition doesn't result in learning? Both Boy-o and Baby-o know their state capitals thanks to listening to the State Capital CD a million times (awesome!).
    7) Watch out for Baby-o. That kid listens to warnings, threats, and directions, then carefully considers his options, then does exactly what he wants to do, all the while smiling disarmingly.
    8) Get Kief his own room at night. That results in a sunny disposition in the morning.
    9) Traveling with the O clan for 6 days; seeing some of the most beautiful country in the US, then some of the most desolate; getting to know Boy-o and Baby-o: "Priceless"

  2. Honey, I soooo enjoy your blog and being able to see these boys grow up so healthy and happy. I read religiously but hate to muck up your comment posts with too many words of wisdom from me. Sounds like the trip went swimmingly...pardon the pun. And my hat's off to your daddy for being such a good sport. Now that's a man who puts his actions into words! You know not many fathers would take on such a trip across country with their grandbabes like that. My kinda guy!! I hope that you LOVE your new place and that it is everything you want it to be. My parents used to have a place up in the Hill Country of TX and that's where Morgan spent every summer growing up. Lake Travis is a great place to make memories. I send my love and best wishes to all of you and can't wait for an update on the new digs.

    Jackie Johnson
    (Morgan Hanna's mom)

  3. PS...I meant to say "That's a man who puts his words into action." Remember, I'm OLD!! :)

  4. Jackie,

    Thanks for the comment-I love every single one of them and wish that comments cluttering my inbox was a problem! My Dad is pretty awesome isn't he? There aren't many who could put up with what he did each day-my boys do not tire easily.
    Good to hear from you-tell Morgan she needs to write a blog soon. I miss her voice and miss K's pics.

  5. Dad, Chief (Keef),

    You are lovely. Amazing. Fun. And a little bit grouchy when you haven't eaten. But so am I.

    We will never forget this trip. I will never forget this trip with my family. You made it so much fun and I'm sure everyone will remember the chorus of 'Ring of Fire', and every word to 'a boy named Sue'. Thanks for putting up with the SugarHill Gang and the never ending Hip hop song.

    Baby O continues to ask about you every day and what you are 'doing, doing' and where you are 'going, going'.

    Boy O continues to tell the story of the potty break phone mixup and loves to inform me that I do not have the proper artistic skills when it comes to drawing Davy Crockett or telling the 3 pigs ("Mom, why can't you tell it like Chief?" or "that's not how Chief told it!")

    Anyway, it was good times all around for everyone, we are here and ready to rock and roll!

    You and Mom need to come visit as soon as you recover,